A Londony Weekend


I have spent this weekend in London. Even though it was only for 3 nights, I knew that I would need to take something crafty with me to keep me going! There were many options, but decided that knitting would be easiest – a few balls of wool, a couple of pairs of needles and my faithful hats, gloves and scarves pattern book would provide the crafting fix I need without taking up too much space. Plus, knitting is fairly easy to do on the train without completely taking over an entire carriage. (Whenever I craft I tend to fill all available space around me – given the opportunity I’m sure I could fill an entire train carriage with just one project!)

So, I merrily started knitting some child sized mittens for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. (Please notice how that’s linked – I’ve just worked out how to do it!) These mitten, along with the scarves I started making a few days ago, will be bundled up and given to my friend’s Mum, who is one of our area organisers. Thanks to an army of Old Ladies in our town they always have thousands of hats to include in the shoeboxes, but don’t often have many scarves and gloves given to them. So I thought that while I’m not working full time I should put my time to good use (and use up some of my wool stash) and knit mittens. These are very satisfying, as they don’t take long to make – which means I stand some chance of finishing them before being distracted by another project!

On arrival at D and M’s house (my cousin and his lovely wife) M and I quickly got into a knitting discussion. I started to teach her to knit a couple of Christmases ago, and she’s been going from strength to strength ever since! This Christmas D and M visited M’s family in the US, and whilst there M’s Gran gave her a stack of old knitting patterns, probably from the 60s and 70s. There were some fab pics (our favourite was the knitted bikini!) and even though a lot of these were quite dated there were some great ideas.

One pattern was for a pair of slippers made from granny squares – so cute! I made one as soon as I got back yesterday, but it’s too small. Apart from that I really love it! So will try again with a bigger hook. Will post pics of the finished product when I’m happy with them 🙂

But of course, now I have a new project on the go, I have a half finished mitten in my knitting bag. Oops.

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