Teeny Tiny Bunting


Several months ago my next door neighbour was having a clear out and very kindly gave me loads of beautiful embroidery threads. She used to do a lot of cross stitch, but doesn’t do it any more, and wanted her threads to go to a good home. I’ve used them every now and again for little bits and pieces, but a few days ago saw something that would make the best use of them yet.

The lovely Lucy over at Attic24 has been busy creating again, and has made some gorgeous teeny tiny bunting. I love bunting at the best of times, but to see it so cute and tiny is something else! So of course I had to give it a go myself. I popped into town this morning to buy a small enough hook (2.50 mm) and got started as soon as I got home!

I found it a little tricky at first working with such a small hook and thin thread, but got into it after a little while. And I’m really pleased with the results!

Here is my first little bunting flag:







And two more…







And finally the finished article:







So cute! And it fits perfectly (just!) across the narrowest part of my bookcase…







Love it!

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