A busy week


First let me apologise for being so quiet all week. I’ve been working a bit more this week, so spent lots of time planning lessons – fun! In between I’ve been trying to get a bit more of my cushion cover done. But I’ve obviously not been trying very hard as I think I’ve only done about 4 more rows since my last post – oh dear!

One reason for this is that I just couldn’t resist playing with some of my new wool! I started with the lovely, snuggly Norse wool, used a 5mm hook and got started on a snood. Using a big hook and thick wool is great, as it grows nice and quickly – brilliant for someone with little patience.

I was holding off showing the finished product as I haven’t found the right buttons yet. I decided to make it adjustable and will add two sets of buttons so it can be made tighter or looser as the wearer desires. But I have a very particular idea for buttons in my mind and can’t seem to find them! So rather than get some I’m not happy with I’ve decided to shop around for a bit until I find the perfect fit. In the meantime, this is what it looks like so far, in it’s very nearly finished state…

I’ve also spent a fair bit of time this week browsing through other people’s blogs and looking at many beautiful crochet patterns (isn’t google a wonderful tool?!) My favourite pattern this week has got to be the African flower tutorial, found at Craft Passion. I have to say, it was the colour combination that caught my eye, the pinks and greens looking so lovely and spring like on a gloomy winter day. I eagerly found some pretty colours of my own and whipped up a lovely purple and green flower. 

I found it easier than I thought I might, so having had a little practice I got out the gorgeously fluffy Patons wool (the back row) and set to work. It’s nice to work with, but did find I ended up covered in fluff – but one has to make some sacrifices for one’s art!


Aren’t they pretty? And so super soft and sunggly – just right for (yet another) scarf!

I also discovered MemeRose this week. So beautiful and so worth looking at. Enjoy!

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