A little light activity


After an enjoyable but hectic morning with the kids in Sunday school, it’s lovely to shut myself away an just have an afternoon of gentle pottering. My pottering this afternoon didn’t involve leaving my chair (surely the best kind of pottering?).

Instead, I pottered around the internet. Along with the obligatory checking of Facebook and emails, I indulged in a little link hopping. I started off with another WordPress blog, Creative Pixie, and had a little browse of her lovely projects. Then I scrolled to her blogroll, partly just to be nosy (as I’m a pretty nosy kind of person) and partly to see if there was any inspiration lurking.

And there was! I came across Bunny Mummy and Diary of a Quilter, both of which are just gorgeous. And yesterday I came across MemeRose as I was browsing through the blogroll over at Attic 24.  It’s amazing what you can find when you spend a little time being nosy! These have all been added to my ‘Beautiful Blogs’ menu, which can be found to the right. (They also appear along the top, although I’m not quite sure why – haven’t been able to figure it out yet!) I’ll be adding more to the menu as I come across more treasures.

In amongst the nosiness, I also started a new project. My wool, spilling out of my beautiful crocheted bag, was right next to me, just begging to be used.

I liked the idea of making a crochet cushion cover, and decided on Granny stripes as the basis. I followed Lucy’s pattern, which can be found here. However, it’s already a whole lot longer than I anticipated at the beginning. Oops! So instead of going back and starting again (which I just hate doing!) I’ve decided I’ll just make it work. Somehow. I havent figured out all the details yet, but I’m sure it’ll be fine! It’s only a few rows long so far, but have got lots of lovely colours to work with, and am planning to treat myself to another couple of colours tomorrow. Yes, I know I have a huge bag full already, but you can never have too many colours! And I’m using Stylecraft DK, which is really quite cheap (can you hear me talking myself into it?!)

Will keep you updated on the progress, but here it is so far, elegantly modelled on my laptop 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention in the above blog. I’m pleased to have been some assistance with inspiration through my ‘blogroll’.

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