Spring has sprung


As much as I love the school I’ve been working in this week, it was wonderful not to have to get up so early this morning! But my body clock is still set to ‘early’ so was up and about and ready to leave for the beach before the weather warmed up.

Not only was it not warm, it was crazyily foggy. On the journey over there was a brief sunny spell at the very top of a tall hill, but mostly couldn’t see 100 yards ahead of me. But I actually don’t mind fog and mist – I think it makes everything look quite magical.

By the time I arrived in Seaton the mist was starting to clear ever so slightly, but the cliffs were still shrouded in mist and looked just lovely.

Anyway, after a lovely walk and a journal update over a cup of tea, I headed to the fabric shop. It was a rather more rushed visit than I would have liked, but my time was nearly up in the car park. But I did managed to grab a few bargains and came home with some beautiful fabrics:

These were £1 each in the bargain basket – bargain indeed! The spotty one is a waterproof fabric (like the sort of thing you would use to cover a table if you have children!) and not entirely sure what I’ll do with it, but perhaps a purse? Will ponder on that.


This lovely, springy green was the end of a roll and reduced to half price 🙂

And as I was getting ready to pay, I spied a whole lot of other rolls under the counter, and couldn’t resist these three – so lovely!

Edit to add: I was in a rush when I published this – I’d written it earlier in the afternoon but couldn’t get the photos to load. Then only remembered about it 10 minutes before I left the house! So didn’t show you my final photo of the afternoon.

I made this bunting probably about a year ago, but Mum wanted to give bunting as a gift for a new baby, and this seemed to be great colours for a boy. So I used magic transfer paper to print ‘Joshua’, ironed it on to the flags and ta-dah – personalised baby bunting!

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  1. That sea view is amazing…I can almost smell the salty air. I love the apple print. They all look like a bit like Cath Kidston prints. What a bargain!

  2. Beautiful prints 😀 but are they apples or cherries? 😉 I do like the spotty one and think a waterproof purse would be very handy. Let us know what yo decide 😉

  3. They are quite Cath Kidstony prints, and really quite beautiful! It’s funny, I only saw the top blue one as cherries, but now I can see how they could be apples too…either way it’s cute!

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