Craft with friends


Last night was a lot of fun. There were eight of us around the table (although it took more than half an hour of chatting in the kitchen to even reach the table!) We enjoyed some lovely, chocolatey nibbles, generously supplied by those who came. We drank tea, chatted and laughed our way through the evening.

Books were flicked through in search for inspiration.

Templates were made.

Fabric was rummaged through.

We had a range of crafts around the table – three sewers, making Mother’s day gifts, two knitters making blanket squares and a cardigan, a card maker and a cross stitcher. 

And I did….well, really very little! I was not feeling inspired at all. My mind flitted from one idea to the next without being satisfied by any of them. So I had a little rummage through my rather messy fabric box, hoping that something would just jump out at me. It didn’t. But I did find an abandoned project!

 I started making this as a cover for my journal sometime last year. I don’t know if something went wrong and I got frustrated, if I lost interest in it, or if I just put it down and forgot about it, but there it’s been, crumpled up in amongst all my fabric for all this time.

I didn’t do anything with it (too much talking and not enough concentration!) but at least it’s out of the box and may have a chance of being finished at some point 🙂

And talking of unfinished work, I still haven’t made any more progress with the jumper back of the cushion cover. Maybe tomorrow?


Anyway, today has been quite productive – I’ve made a curry and a cake for a birthday meal tomorrow and started making a present for a friend who’s expecting a baby. I’ve not got very far with it so far, but will post pictures soon.

And just to finish, one of the plants that was looking very sorry for itself at the beginning of the week is thriving by the garden doors, and even has some new leaves growing! (The other one is still looking pretty dead, poor thing)




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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening! I find it hard to make myself start unfinished projects again… but then once I get them finished it is lovely…however I do have a HUUUUUGE pile of WIPs!

  2. It’s so nice to craft with friends. Makes me wish there was some sort of craft cafe in my area where I could meet other crafty people to hang out with!

    • It is lovely crafting with other people – great for picking up new ideas! It’s not that hard to start a group – mine started with a couple of friends who said they’d like to be able to make some of the things I showed them, so I offered to give them a hand. It’s just taken off from there really 🙂 Most of the people last night were friends of a friend – if people are interested they let their friends know and it just grows! I’d certainly recommend giving it a try.

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