And the winner is …


Almost a month ago I announced a giveaway for an African flower scarf. I said that I would announce the winner either on March 12th (the 2 month birthday of my baby blog) or when I got 20 followers. Well, today I got 20 followers – one day before my second birthday! How exciting 🙂

Just a little reminder – this is the scarf that is being given away…










So I have all the names of those who commented on the post on sticky notes.







I folded them in half (so they wouldn’t all stick together!)







I put them into my lovely Joules hat and gave them a good old shake up.







And the person I pulled out of the hat is…







Congratulations! I’ll post the scarf off to you early this week 🙂 Enjoy the cosiness while it’s still (just about) cold enough! Oh, and you can have a little look at Stocki’s blog here 🙂

Ok, after all that excitement let me just quickly show you another couple of pretty pics. First of all, I managed to finish my third set of boxes yesterday.

And here they are all together! I still need to sort out all the stuff on the top, but the clutter on the inside is all sorted 🙂

After covering all these little drawers I had some little bits of paper left. I really didn’t want to throw them away as they are just far too pretty. But what to use them for? Just as I was wondering this a packet of pegs caught my eye. I really have no idea where they came from, or why I have them. I’ve obviously used some of them in the past, but there were at least 3/4 of a packet left. And the scraps of paper were just the right size to cover them! How pretty?!

These are the only ones I have at the moment, but plan to spend some time this evening making more. Will show you when they’re done 🙂

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  1. The draws/drawers :p are very pretty indeed, and the pegs are so cute! 😀 You’ll have the fanciest washing line-up in town 😀
    Congratulations Stocki on winning the lovely scarf. May your neck never more know chilliness 😉

  2. Ooo ooo ooo…hoorah! I have never won anything on a bloggy giveaway before… I’m really chuffed! Thanks so is very generous of you! I love the drawers…and the pegs are so pretty…what a lovely idea! :)x

  3. So glad Stocki won!!! After her herculean effort on the Beautiful Blogger Blanket she really deserves a treat!!! Love the way you’ve covered those little drawers and the pegs look gorgeous! I have a little ‘washing line’ above my desk with notes to myself pegged up so I may cover my peg stash too!!! lol xxx

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