Today was the day I set aside for filling in an application form. Therefore today is that day that I have been procrastinating. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this (at least, I hope I’m not!). I was good this morning and did the longest part of the form with all the important information like my name and qualifications. It all went downhill from there.

It started when I decided to list my mini bunting on Coriandr. Everything was going well – until I published the listing. For some reason the title and product description changed to that of a ‘Recycled Tires Bag’. Hmmmmm. Not quite the same. And the same thing had actually happened yesterday too. And another poor seller who was listing a baby outfit ended up with the title and product description of my Crochet Cushion Cover! So of course I had to contact the support team to let them know what was going on.

By the time I’d done that all thoughts of application forms had gone right out of my head. My washing needed sorting and it was just about lunchtime anyway, so time for a break. Last week a wonderful friend (and my very first follower!) was having a clear out and gave me this lovely stack of old craft mags. So I started flicking through them over lunch.

But of course, when it came to the Crafts Beautiful mags just flicking through was not an option. Those need to be Read. And the one on the top there (from April 2007) had just so many lovely things to be looked at and admired. It’s a very springy, Eastery issue with some really lovely makes.





This was the first thing that caught my eye – a GIANT Granny Square jumper! I’m sure by now you’ve picked up on my love for Granny Squares, but the thought of making a giant one into a jumper just never entered my mind! Definately something to think about.






There were so many other beautiful pics that it would take forever to show you all of them individually, so I thought that this collage might do the job instead.

This is now also set as my desktop background as a sort of Springtime mood board. Mmmmmm, pretty 🙂

Also, a friend of a friend has just invited me to be part of a charity fair she’s been hosting the last 7 years to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease. She’s managed to raise £21,000 so far which is just fantastic! And I’m so excited that I get to be part of it this year. It’s not until July, but thought I’d better get a head start on boosting my stock, so have started another crochet bag (similar to this one). This seemed like a good place to start as several people have admired mine recently, so hopefully people will like it enough to buy it at the fair! I’m sure there will be many pictures over the next couple of months of my new stock (and hopefully some new ideas too).

If I’m lucky I might even finish that application form.

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  1. Pretty pretty mosaic 🙂 Very Springy and Easter-filled indeed 🙂
    Good luck with the application form 🙂

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