No more progress


This week has been just beautiful hasn’t it?! Well, it has in my little part of the world, beautiful sunny days and fabulous flowers all over the place.

But it has been a week of absolutely no crafty progress. The reason? WORK. It just has to get in the way.

To be honest, I actually really enjoy my work. But this week I was planning to work on Tuesday and Wednesday then have Thursday and Friday free to finish off the baby blanket (and maybe start one or two other projects!). Instead, I ended up working the whole week and most of my ‘free time’ was spent planning for more teaching! Therefore, absolutely NO crochet has been done all week. And as a result I’ve had nothing to tell you about, hence no blogging.

However, the silver lining is that I now have 2 weeks Easter holiday to crochet away all day long if I so choose, and will probably blog about it several times a day! Don’t say you haven’t been warned šŸ™‚


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