A little rainbow of loveliness


I had my day all planned out. I was going to visit the dentist (fun times), visit the beach then visit my Granny in hospital. But just as I was leaving for the dentist the postman visited with a wonderful parcel. Which changed my plans (but only a little).

The parcel contained 10 balls of loveliness – a new supply of Stylecraft Special DK.

Starting at the top they are: Meadow, Saffron, Plum, Rasberry, Lemon, Lavendar, White (x3), Violet.

So instead of going to the beach, I opted to come home and crochet instead! I have to say, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. It was rather grey, cloudy and cold so being warm inside with my new wool was a much more appealing option.

And as a result I now have 3 stitch holders full of a rainbow of little hexagons. Don’t they look lovely?!

From left to right they are:
Top: Emperor, Violet, Lavendar, Turquoise, Denim, Sherbert, Aspen
Middle: Lipstick, Pomegranate, Fondant, Candyfloss, Soft Peach, Raspberry, Plum
Bottom:  Graphite, Silver, Saffron, Lemon, Meadow

This time round I have decided to use all Stylecraft wool. For the last blanket I used a few other types of wool, just bits I had in the bottom of my bag, but even though they were all DK some were slightly thicker than the others which annoyed me. It’s probably not noticable to most people, but I know and that’s enough.

Anyway, I now have a rainbow of 76 lovely little hexagons. I think I’ll need more, but I’m going to lay them all out to work out a pattern for them all, then see which colours I need more of. I think this is my favourite part of the process – I’ll let you know what I come up with tomorrow 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful array of colours 🙂 I love it when a wool shop has the colours set out like this as I find it easier to see which colours go well together when I want to keep within a colour group 🙂

  2. I had to re-read your post twice… you made all those in ONE day?! OH my goodness you are a fast worker! They look so gorgeous all together… can’t wait to see the next stage! :)x

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