Fun with glue


I have been making a lot of gluey things the last couple of days. I really loved how the button earrings turned out, and have since made a few more pairs…

The pink ones (see them right at the bottom of this post) are now mine – I just love them, and I have a lot of pink things for them to go with. The rest are now listed on Coriandr.

I spent a very chilled out couple of hours inspiration surfing yesterday and found loads of completely fabulous projects. I spent some time googling ‘repurposed books’ and found some great ideas. One of them was similar to this

Book Page 4 x 6 Curved Frame - Decoupaged wood frame

Annoyingly I can’t actually find the post I saw yesterday, but it was a photo frame covered in book pages. I just love this idea – I’ve always been an avid reader and just love how words look. I know some people would think it an absolute crime to cut up books. In some respects I’m one of those people. But at the same time, if a book is damaged or would just be thrown away, why not give it a new lease of life as something pretty?

Anyway, I saw this frame and it gave me an idea. I bought a pin board a few weeks ago with the intention of decorating it and making it look all pretty and lovely. So I decided to do a little papering and covered the frame with book pages.

So far so good. I also wanted to cover the back with pages. I know this won’t be seen, but I don’t like the idea of untidy edges, so thought I’d quickly just paper over the back too.

Oh dear. Bobbly, wobbly, messy looking paper. What went wrong?! Answer – I have no idea! I’m only using PVA glue, but wondering if I should try a decoupage glue? This is where I need your help – if you’ve done decoupage before, either with book pages or other paper types, is there a particular glue you’d recommend?

Anyway, as I was thinking about what the finished pin board would look like (the frame decorated with book pages, the cork covered with pretty fabric and edged with ribbon) I decided that I’d need some pretty drawing pins to go with it. I googled ‘pastel drawing pins’ but didn’t really come up with the results I wanted. But then, out of nowhere, I saw these. (Find them here.)

Vintage Buttons

So pretty! Such a good idea, and so similar to the earrings – I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself! So this morning I popped down to the supermarket and bought myself a whole load of pins to buttonify.

They were drying upside down and when I turned them up the other way I saw all these white bits on them. No idea where they came from – all I can think is that they had some sort of reaction either to the glue, or perhaps to the surface they were on (my sewing machine!). Who knows?! It kinda gives them a distressed look, so think I’ll keep them as they are.

I’ve also done a little tidying up this morning. My ‘creative mess’ had got way beyond acceptable and was just getting in the way.

I got a couple of cute metal buckets last week from Store 21, and are just perfect for holding all those little odds and ends which might be useful one day, but in the meantime are just in the way. So here we go – no less stuff, but a little more organised!

I’ve also started another blanket! I thought I’d finished the hexagon blanket (although it is actually still too small, so I’ll add more to it) and started on a stripy one. I love the easy, repetitive rhythm of half trebles, and although I haven’t got far yet, I can tell I’m going to very much enjoy this latest blanket.

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  1. Love the little buttony earrings. I have been making a few of these myself but am still not convinced that I am using the right type of glue. Could you possibly let me know what type of glue that you used? The possibilities with buttons are endless and it is such fun experimenting. I love how you have added the thread to some of your earrings too ~ it is a lovely finishing touch :o)xx

  2. What a SUPer idea with those drawing pins/tacks! I shall be using that idea for sure. They would also make a great stocking filler gift too I think 😉

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