Bun Bun


Normally when I get a burst of productivity it’s very short lived. However, I’ve managed to be productive this morning too, which rather surprised me, but I’ve made the most of it and finished off something I started 3 months ago.

Those of you who’ve been reading since the beginning might remember a cute and fluffy Bunny I made for a very special Little Girl. I was feeling very smug and organised as her birthday isn’t until the end of April. But then I got side tracked. And poor Bun Bun (Little Girl’s name for bunnies) has been sitting on the shelf all this time.

Here she is.

She may look finished, but the poor girl obviously needs some clothes!

Although she’s only small her clothes take an awfully long time to make. I did all the measuring and cutting last night, and have spent this morning stitching away.

So she now has a very snazzy pair of pantaloons…

And a pretty, flowery dress.

The pattern for Bun Bun and her outfit come from Crafting Springtime Gifts, but I’ve made a few alterations to her clothes to make them more child friendly. Both the pantaloons and pinafore are supposed to have darts put in them to make them fit. But that would make it very hard to take the clothes off again, so I added elastic instead. Bun Bun’s looking out of the window here, and giving you a good view of the elasticated bit at the back of her dress.

The straps are supposed to be stitched on at both ends too, but I added poppers so they can easily be undone, even by a 3 year old’s fingers (hopefully!)…

So here she is, all dressed and ready to meet Little Girl next week. By that time she may also have another set of clothes, but I’ll have to see how much time I have. Until then she can enjoy having a little sit down – she’s unlikely to get much rest once she goes to her new home!


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  1. Laura,

    I love the bunny and I wonder if the bunny might need a crocheted sweater? OOH, with cute as a button buttons! 🙂 I might even have to dig out the bunnies that I have in boxes and reinvent them with some crocheted items. HMMMM, wish I were at home and not at work. Thanks for sharing your bunny,


  2. Awww, this is sooo cute! Smashing work as always, well done! Little Girl will just adore such a special gift 🙂

  3. That is one cute bunny! Great idea to make her clothes easier for little fingers to remove, Little Girls’ mom is going to really appreciate that too 😉 I think Bun Bun is going to be a huge hit & a new best friend 🙂

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