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No time


Hello, I’m sorry, I really wanted to post today, but time has just run away from me. I left the house at 7.15 this morning and got home at 8.45 this evening. I’ve gulped down my dinner and finished my planning for tomorrow and now am fit for nothing! And I don’t think I’ll have time tomorrow either, which is a shame because I’ve taken some nice photos today that I wanted to share with you. So it will have to be Friday – hopefully I’ll still be with it enough to be coherent, and not just a gibbreing wreck (that kinda feels like the way this week is heading at the moment!)

Only time will tell.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


No, it’s Super Boy!

I whipped up this cape this morning – not quite as quickly as Superman changes outfits, but still pretty quick. The pattern I sort of used (find it here) said it would take about 2 hours. I think in the end it took me about 2 and a half (I added more applique bits and changed the collar) but not too bad I’d say. I made it reversible so it can be worn with the Small Boy’s intital showing, or these stripy stars.

The collar in the pattern was designed to be all one piece with the cape, but I wanted it in 2 pieces, so I could make the collar contrast with the main part of the cape. I’m really pleased with how it turned out 🙂

This morning I also wrapped up the Baby Sleep Sack I made ages ago. Well, it was only 2 months ago, but it feels like a really long time. In the end the baby was 2 weeks overdue, but he finally arrived 🙂 I’ve not seen him yet, but hoping that I’ll at least get to see some photos sometime soon! So here’s the sleep sack…

… and a care label.

I also included a handmade card – it’s one I made a while ago and I love the cute little picture.

And now I’m off to the park with my favourite Little People – yay for sunny days!

The animals went in two by two


If you live in Britain you’ll most probably be aware by now that the Queen’s jubilee weekend is fast approaching. In cities, towns and villages all across the coutry bunting and flags are being hung in preparation for a weekend of celebrations. Next week there will be a parade of more than 1000 boats along the Thames as part of these celebrations.

Now, our town wanted to join in. But we have no river. The answer – let’s make boats that don’t need to float! Basically anyone can join in with a boat that they can wear, push or pull. So some bright spark at church thought ‘Hey, let’s make a Noah’s ark!’ I have to say, the ark itself is looking pretty good – it’s on wheels with a chair for someone to sit in and steer it.

But obviously Noah’s ark needs animals. So in Sunday school this morning we got started. We have some amazingly creative children who did a brilliant job of customising their animal masks with feathers, pom poms and jewels. I didn’t get to take too many pictures (I was too busy cutting out, punching holes and tying elastic) but here are a few…


We also had several orange tigers, a brilliantly made peacock, a pink spider, a peach bat and a spider with multicoloured legs and feathers! I’m not actually going to be around to see the parade, but I’m sure they’ll have a great time walking through the town in their fabulous masks 🙂

Another birthday present reveal


Today has been a pretty lazy one so far. I didn’t quite get the lie in I was hoping for (although 7.15 is a lot later than I get up in the week) but I did get to stay in bed and finish my book – bliss! I’ve been doing a few things that need to be done – washing in the machine, tidying, sorting, washing out on the line, preparing Sunday school, folding and putting away washing. So it was a fairly productive morning, but I didn’t have to rush from one thing to another as I often do, and it didn’t matter too much when I got distracted from what I was doing either.

I had lunch with some of my family at a local farm shop and restaurant which was completely yummy. It’s at the top of a hill, so we had great views of all the rolling fields surrounding us.

And now I’m back home with my feet up and about to start a new book.

But before I get to that I just wanted to show you the other birthday present I made. You may well have seen some of the elements that went into creating it (but only if you read these posts, here and here) but this is what it looks like all put together…

My friend has recently bought her first home, so thought that her birthday present should be something that reflected that. I’m sure that she was given lots of practical things, and although I did ponder making something that could be used (coasters, table mats, napkins, pot stands) I settled on something purely decorative. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and especially love the little colourful windows and tiny button flowers.

At one point I considered stitching words onto it too (probably along the lines of ‘home sweet home’) but decided against it in the end as 1) I didn’t want to ruin it by adding too much and 2) I ran out of time. If I make something similar (and I’m sure I probably will at some point) I may well add words, but I think this little picture turned out to be pretty lovely just as it is.


At long last


Hello, good evening, how are you? I’m so sorry I havent’ been around the last few days. Time has just slipped through my fingers and has been soaked up by all the things that have to be done, rather than the things I’d like to do.

But hurrah for the weekend! Hopefully I’ll have time for nice things as well as the necessary things. And let me start off the weekend by showing you what I was working on last week and was so desperate to show you! I finally tracked down my friend and gave her The Present. The wapping paper was off in mere seconds to reveal this…

It looks like a little clutch bag (and could be used as such) but I had a specific purpose in mind for it. Last year I made her a journal cover out of the same fabric and ribbon. Her journal is pretty much always in her handbag, as is her Bible. But her Bible was still in the box it came in. Practical for protection, but not very pretty. So I managed to sneakily find out the measurements from another friend who has a Bible the same size, and stitched up a made to measure case.

It fit surprisingly well considering I only had measurements on paper to go on. Usually if I’m making a case for something I like to have the actual object to make sure it fits as I go along. So the fact that it fits (and fits well) is really very pleasing.

I have also passed on the other present I made, but will post about that tomorrow, just to make sure that it’s been opened (it would be so annoying to ruin the surprise at this stage!)

In other news, I had a lovely email this week from the lady who bought all those Buttons on Buttons I made. They’re selling well in her shop and she wants to order another 100! I’ve said that I won’t be able to start for another couple of weeks (when the school holidays roll around) but am hoping that I’ll have a few free moments next week to get a head start. Circles and tiny buttons here we come!

An afternoon in the park


After a morning in a cold school (old buildings may look beautiful but they’re often freezing cold!) it was lovely to get out in the sun. I had a quick bite of lunch then picked up Little Girl for an afternoon of fun. We started off by making papier mache bracelets. I thought this would be a great activity, pretty quick (because I already had the bases made up – they were a leftover from Messy Church) and fairly instant results. I had some pretty, flowery napkins all lined up. Little Girl was very enthusiastic – until she saw the glue. She decided that she didn’t want to get her fingers messy, so she gave me directions as I made them!

One for Little Girl and one for Mummy. She was all for making some for her Brothers too, but I persuaded her that they wouldn’t be that impressed with pink bracelets!


We then picked up her Brothers from school and headed to the park with some friends. It was a lot of fun and just brilliant to be out in the sun after so much gloom. (I think I may be quite pink tomorrow – my skin is not used to so much sun!) I took a lot of photos, but not many came out well – small, active children = very blurry pictures.

I’ve not had time for any other crafting today, but am hoping for a quiet evening to indulge in something crafty. Not sure what yet, but will let you know tomorrow 🙂

Wonderful wild flowers


First of all, let me start with an apology. I fully intended to show you yesterday what I’ve been working on all week. I was going to give the presents to their new owners meaning that I could finally reveal all. However…my friends were not at church, so I still have the presents and still can’t show you – sorry!

But I do have several other things to share with you. First of all, some new birthday presents. I’ve been getting presents all week. A lot of people seem to feel bad for gifts arriving late, but I love it because it makes the birthday fun last longer. Yesterday I was given some fabulous Cath Kidston goodies…

Wow, I love these buttons! I showed them to another friend who said “If I had buttons this beautiful I’d just keep them to look at and never end up using them!” I can fully relate to that. I’ll keep these visible and will only use them when I find the completely right and perfect project. They are far too special to use on just any old thing. I also have a new lunch box…

Sooooo much nicer than most of the boring tubs cluttering up my cupboards! And the box was filled with yummy truffles too 🙂

Anyway, on to the bit that actually relates to the title. I’m working in a little village school over the next couple of weeks. It’s a great school with lovely staff and lively children. It’s a little way from where I live, but (on a clear sunny morning) is a lovely drive along narrow, winding country lanes. And I’ve really been appreciating the splashes of colour running through the hedgerows. I actually remembered to take my camera today, so I stopped off in a little layby on my way home and took some piccies.

There are so many beautiful colours, but I think these pink flowers are my favourite.

I also love these delicate blue flowers. I’ve not noticed them before as they don’t stand out amongst the bigger, brighter flowers as I’m driving, but they’re so pretty.

These were hard to photograph – they were surrounded by hundreds of stinging nettles!

And there amongst the greenery were a couple of little ladybirds, chilling out in the sun.

Some bright and sunny yellows.

I also couldn’t resist taking some photos around the village where the school is. It’s the kind of place that I would just love to live – it’s so beautifully picturesque. Realistically I know it’ll never happen (unless I find the millionaire I’ve been looking for all my life!) but a girl can dream…

Some lovely decorative items that you just don’t see in towns…

This is the first thing I see as I drive into the village, and it always reminds me a little of Narnia.

So that’s a little bit of my everyday life (for the next couple of weeks at least). Isn’t it lovely?!

Wrapped and ready


Well, I’ve been a busy little bee the last couple of days. So busy I’ve not had time to post (sorry!) but it’s been a fairly productive couple of days which is great. However, I still can’t show you what I’ve been busy with!

I can tell you that this soft yellow embroidery thread has been added as a finishing touch to the gift I started making a few days ago.

It has been used to add some lovely blanket stitch edging (I just love blanket stitch)

And I’ve also started and finished another gift today, but can’t reveal any of it just yet. But here they both are, wrapped and ready to be given tomorrow.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll post proper pics of what I’ve been working on – see you then 🙂

All stitched up


I’ve been working on a sewing project the last couple of days. I can’t show you what it is yet as it’s a birthday present. There are a lot of people with birthdays at the moment. I have a few coming up and just hoping I’ll have enough time to actually make presents. Amazingly I’ve been quite inspired and even got to the point of having 2 or 3 ideas for someone and having to choose my favourite!

Anyway, even though I can’t show you the finished product just yet (partly because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, and partly because it’s not actually finished yet!) I can show you the things that have gone into it.

A range of fabrics in varying sizes.

A few buttons from this section of my button box.

A snippet of embroidery thread.

And a length of spotty ribbon.

Any guesses? It could be just about anything really couldn’t it?! But all will be revealed soon. In the meantime, enjoy your evening 🙂