Pretty shoes all in a row


Guess what – I’ve just had my 3000th visitor to my blog! Well, probably not my 3000th visitor, but there have been 3000 viewings – how exciting! Without this sounding too much like an awards ceremony, I’d just like to take a moment to say thanks to you for stopping by to read my ramblings (or at least look at the pictures). It still kind of amazes me that people actually take time out of their day to read about what I’ve been doing. So, thanks for spending some of your precious time here rather than doing something actually useful.

And especially thanks to those of you who comment on my posts. I love to hear from you and you’re very kind to me 🙂 Please continue to let me know what you think of my little projects.

I’ve just been catching up on a little blog reading and came across this great phrase on noelleodesigns

“the greatest part of being a girl is all the other girls around you and the collective support we can give to each other in every way.”

Your feedback makes me feel like I’m part of a creative group rather than working away alone, giving me feedback about my work and offering some inspiring ideas along the way.

I have to say I just love crafting with others, even more so in actual real life. I had so much fun knitting with the girls last night. Both were brilliant pupils and made great progress (and I’m really quite jealous of I’s wool – it’s just beautiful!) H has been round again today when something went a little funny with her work and she ended up with 3 extra stitches (who hasn’t been there?!) but she’s doing really well. Sadly I didn’t take any photos as we were concentrating so hard on the actual knitting process. But I’ll show you what I managed to finish in between straightening out stitches…

A woolly pot cover! I’ve been seeing these all over blogland recently and was feeling quite left out. So I washed out a veg pot (which still smells slightly oniony, but it’ll pass – I hope) and got crocheting. I love the result, those blue and white stripes make me think of the beach, which therefore makes me think of summer. Good times. It still needs a few flowers but it’s nearly there.

And now to the bit that is actually linked to the title. New shoes!

Just after I posted here a friend contacted me to ask if I actually made the slippers. When I said I did she asked if I’d make a 3-6 month pair for the baby girl she’s expecting. So, after a little googling to find out what size that should be, I came up with these little beauties 🙂 The best part of this story is that baby’s name (for the time being) is Button! How cute is that?

Here are all 3 pairs together…

And just one more…


Anyway, I have to go as H is on her way again for some more knitting fun!


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  1. How delightful 😀 All those little shoesies in a little row, soon to be on little tosies 😀 I love your covered pot, the colours are lovely and fresh 😉 And here’s to your next 3000 visitors 😀
    Mo x

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