Time for a change?


I’ve been playing around with my blog background this morning. Whilst I love the buttony background it seems like it might be too ‘busy’. I looked at different themes, but didn’t come across any with all the features I want in the style I want, so decided to stick with what I have but play around with colours. I wanted to show you the different options, but for some reason it’s not letting me copy the pictures onto here. So you’ll have to use your memory and imagination! Think back to how it was before, with the buttony background. Have a look at how it is now. And try to imagine what it would be like with pale blue.

What do you think? Which is the best option?

Anyway, while I’ve been pondering I’ve also been sewing. You remember the skirt I found in a charity shop last week? Well, this morning it’s transformation was completed and it’s now a beautiful cushion cover!

I had planned to put lace where the ric rac is, and even got as far as bringing some home from the shop with me, but when I laid it out it just looked a bit too over the top and fussy. So I decided to stick with ric rac – much more simple but still adds a little something.

Here are the buttons – 2 on the front (the ones on the left) and 2 on the back (on the right). The ones on the front are purely for decoration. The ones on the back are to hide the ends of the ric rac.

And here it is properly filled out. It fits an 18 inch cushion – it’s a little snug as the cover is actually slightly smaller than 18 inches, but that just means that the cushion looks plumper.


 Just before I go, let me remind you about my giveaway – only 10 days to go! If you haven’t entered yet just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Edit: Ok, just a quick update – I’ve just entered an amazing giveaway! Have a look here, at Mary Jane’s Tearoom. There is a chance to win either fabrics and ribbons…

or yarn and buttons.

Yummy or what?! I went for the fabric and ribbon option – it was a tough choice, but I figured that I could always make some of my own buttons with those beautiful fabrics. Have a little look – the deadline is 11th May 🙂


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  1. I like blue for a blog, as you know, since you’ve visited my site. However I would take care to choose a shade that harmonises with the pale bluey/green rectangle in your Blog title. A slight texture with it is also something to consider. With the orangy writing, a pale green could be good too. Lovely cushion.

  2. Love love love that cushion! 😀 What a smashing job you did with it 😀
    Thank you for the link to a wonderful giveaway 🙂
    And lastly – I want the buttons back!!! So I can’t choose between blue or white. I am very biased 😉
    Mo x 🙂

  3. I love the cushion cover, the fact that you recycled a skirt is so much fun, and I love the ric rac. Thanks for sharing with us.

    About the blog background I know how hard it is to choose and have had second thoughts on the looks of mine too. I loved your buttons too, but I think you will have to make up your own mind of what makes you smile. 🙂 Hugs, Tamara

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