Versatile blogger award


Hello again! I wasn’t expecting to write 2 posts today, but I’ve just had a message from Rainbow Junkie saying that she’s nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Rainbow Junkie!

Now, those of you who’ve been reading a while (and have good memories!) will recognise this as I was nominated for the same award 2 weeks ago by Susan (read all about it here).

Here are the things that you’re supposed to do once nominated:

  • Thank the person who gave them the award – done
  • Include a link to their blog – see above
  • Tell seven things about themselves
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for the award
  • Tell them that they have been nominated

So, I’ve done the top 2 (and can I recommend that you actually go and look at her blog – it’s just lovely! I especially love her newly finished hexagon blanket). But as for the other things…

I already had a real struggle thinking of 7 moderately interesting things about myself, and finding 7 more things would be really hard (I’m just not that interesting 🙂 ) And as Rainbow slightly bent the rules in only nominating 11 I think I’m allowed to do the same, don’t you?!

And I’m about to completely break the rules now and not nominate any more blogs – shock horror! Here’s my reason why – I don’t want it to be something I do just because the rules tell me I should. I think that kind of makes the award lose some of it’s meaning and specialness. Although there are more blogs that I follow than the 15 I nominated last time that I could nominate, I want to do something slightly different and throw things open to you.

Who do you think is highly deserving of an award? Is there someone who always shows off top quality work that should be recognised? Or perhaps a complete newbie who is sharing their learning journey? Or maybe someone who is just wonderfully inspirational? What I’d like you to do is nominate someone on my behalf – send them a little message saying that you appreciate their blog and the things they share and give them a link to here, or Rainbow Junkie (or anywhere else who’s been nominated!) where they can find the badge and the rules for passing it on. And please let me know who you’ve nominated – I always love discovering new blogs!

I hope you don’t think this is a complete cop out, or that I don’t appreciate the award – I really do! But this way the appreciation will be spread further and wider (and I’ll possibly find out about more lovely blogs in the process!)


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  1. Sounds a good idea. I am wondering what to do about the fact that Maryanne of Wool Hogs said that she’d nominated me. (She was also nominated by J. G. Burdette who nominated me but how could I leave her out?) All this love and appreciation, so wonderful.

    But if everyone did nominate 15 different people. After 6 rounds you’d be over 11 million people already! Mmmmm!

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