Being nosy


I don’t know about you, but I’m quite a nosy person. I used to tell Mum off for being nosy, always wanting to know where I’m going and what I’m doing. But I think I’m probably just as nosy now! I love looking at people’s houses, seeing the things they choose to have in their homes and the way they decorate them. All those TV programmes about house makeovers and interior designs are just brilliant!

And I love knowing what people get as presents too, either for birthdays or Christmas, just in case I can find some inspiring ideas for other people. So I’m going to you the chance to be nosy too – here are some of my birthday presents…

What lovely people I have in my life to give me such wonderful presents!

This beautiful mirror was made by my lovely friend who said that I’d inspired her to do something creative. And there are some special stories in some of those tiny tiles too, which makes it even more special.

It’s signed and dated too, which is great for when I start losing my marbles and can’t remember how old I was when I received this fantastic gift!

I very nearly bought this magazine the other day – so glad I resisted the temptation! It’s full of lovely ideas (a lot of union jack themed items) and great tips for selling which should be useful.

And did you notice the pink camera in the corner? How exciting! Obviously I had to use my old one to take the photo of it (and I don’t have a memory card for it yet) but hopefully it’ll take some better quality photos. It has about a million different settings though, so please bear with me as I experiment with it over the next few weeks.

One more thing I wanted to show you – my birthday cake!

When I was 7 my aunt made me a castle cake which was always my best ever. So Mum decided (as it was a special birthday) to make me another one – and this one has pink glitter! Who says being 30 means being grown up?!


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  1. Everything is so beautiful 😀 You are a very lucky girl. May the rest of the year bring you just as much happiness 😀
    Mo x

  2. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a good day! You got some lovely things and the cake is fab!! I am very nosy too by the way 🙂 My oh always tells me off for being nosy but I just can’t help it! hehe x

  3. Really super cake. Thanks for sharing your presents. Hope you enjoy your new camera as much as I am enjoying mine. You are right about all the options. Even good cameras were so much simpler when I was young!

    • I’m loving my new camera, although I’ve not spent much time playing with it yet. The basic picture taking is very straightforward (thank goodness!) but all the different modes confuse me a little 🙂

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