An afternoon in the park


After a morning in a cold school (old buildings may look beautiful but they’re often freezing cold!) it was lovely to get out in the sun. I had a quick bite of lunch then picked up Little Girl for an afternoon of fun. We started off by making papier mache bracelets. I thought this would be a great activity, pretty quick (because I already had the bases made up – they were a leftover from Messy Church) and fairly instant results. I had some pretty, flowery napkins all lined up. Little Girl was very enthusiastic – until she saw the glue. She decided that she didn’t want to get her fingers messy, so she gave me directions as I made them!

One for Little Girl and one for Mummy. She was all for making some for her Brothers too, but I persuaded her that they wouldn’t be that impressed with pink bracelets!


We then picked up her Brothers from school and headed to the park with some friends. It was a lot of fun and just brilliant to be out in the sun after so much gloom. (I think I may be quite pink tomorrow – my skin is not used to so much sun!) I took a lot of photos, but not many came out well – small, active children = very blurry pictures.

I’ve not had time for any other crafting today, but am hoping for a quiet evening to indulge in something crafty. Not sure what yet, but will let you know tomorrow 🙂

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