I’ve just stumbled across this great giveaway and felt the need to join in! Head across and have a look…

not your average crochet

As you already know,

I’m actually having two giveaways!

That’s right.  About 10 minutes ago I decided to split my prizes up, because one of them is completely un-crochet related, and I don’t want to give it to somebody who doesn’t want it.  I’m going to do the giveaways one at a time.

Why I’m having it:

I have over 50 followers!  These giveaways are to say thank you!

The first giveaway is starting now!

Here’s what you get:

Yes, it’s a book, and yes, that is my thumb giving the thumbs-up, because this book is that awesome.  Let me tell you a little bit about it so you know what you’re getting into by entering this giveaway.

The Dragonriders of Pern is actually a trilogy of novels, written by Anne McCaffrey.  They’re fantasy/science-fiction books.  The first of the three was published in 1968 and the last in 1978…

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