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I’m all in a fluster of excitement here – I logged on this morning to find that I have my 50th follower! I’m sure for some of you that doesn’t seem like many, but for someone who is still a bit of a baby blogger it’s really quite exciting πŸ™‚ You may have noticed the reblog I just posted too – Hannah from ‘Not your average crochet’ is also celebrating getting past the 50 follower mark.

And I thought to myself ‘Celebrating with a giveaway seems like a great idea’. So guess what…

I’m having another giveaway!

It’s been nearly a month since the last one, so it’s probably about time for another one anyway, right?! I’ve not decided what the giveaway will be yet and thought that it’d be good to get suggestions from you. So, if there’s anything you’ve seen in any of my posts that you think would make a good giveaway, just leave me a comment. I’m not going to guarantee that what you suggest will end up in the giveaway, but it may do – you never know…

So, while I’m waiting for your suggestions to come rolling in, I’m going to get on with all the planning that I avoided doing yesterday. Fun.

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  1. Everything you make is lovely but to be different to before – your buttons with buttons on are really nice as are your drawing pin buttons for pin boards and the crochet egg cosies you made for easter are lovely without taking too long to make.

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