Granny’s birthday


Today was Granny’s birthday, so Mum and I spent the day with her. We opened cards and presents (it was my job to peel of the sellotape when she couldn’t get in to the wrapping!) then went out for lunch to Sidmouth Garden Centre. We had a lovely lunch and a little potter around the flowers and gifts before heading out for a drive along the sea front. I’m still playing with my camera, and wondered if I could get any good pictures on ‘sport mode’ as we were driving along (don’t worry, it wasn’t me driving!). The sport mode takes lots of pictures really fast, and some actually came out ok. It’s just a shame the weather wasn’t a little nicer…

This sums up the last couple of weeks really! There were one or two brave people out for a bracing walk along the front, but many more were simply rushing from one place of shelter to the next.

We headed back to Granny’s for more cards and presents and a game of scrabble. Not my favourite game (especially with Mum and Granny who are much better than me!) but it was one of my birthday promises. You see, I was really not inspired for presents this year. I’ve been asking Granny for ages what she’d like, but hadn’t got anywhere. In the end I decided that I’d make some gift certificates for things that I would do with/for her…

These included 2 games of scrabble, a sinkful of washing up, a load of ironing, jobs in the garden and 3 chores of her choice. She loved them, and put me to work straight away dusting the mantlepiece and putting up birthday cards! Here’s the card I made her (obviously including a button!)

This morning I also paid a quick visit to my friends with their new baby. She is just so cute! All little and snuggly and gorgeous. I was so glad they had a girl, as it meant that I found the perfect home for my Baby Granny Blanket.

I had a lovely chat with Little Girl – I asked if Mummy had a boy baby or a girl baby. She replied that it was a girl. So I asked what Baby Girl was called. She replied ‘Moses’! It turns out that Baby Girl is sleeping in a Moses basket, and Little Girl was obviously a little confused! Bless 🙂


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  1. Such a cute post! I love the idea of giving vouchers for jobs, so thoughtful …. How sweet was the Moses comment? I had to smile. One of the 3 year olds in my class told me this week that Mummy lost her boobs!!! It later transpired that she’d lost her BOOTS!!!! Have a great weekend. x

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