Over the last couple of weeks I have been honoured with some awards from some lovely people! It’s taken me some time trawling through my comments to find them (although I’ve appreciated each and every one of them, I’ve not had the mental capacity to deal with them all until now, and some go back a couple of weeks – but I think I’ve found them all in the end!) I can’t quite believe how many there have been – there are some super generous people out there 🙂

The first was an award I’ve not heard of – the Liebster Award. It turns out that Sara (from Sincerely, Sara who nominated me) didn’t know either! So it’s all a bit of a mystery, but fairly similar to others which are around in that you share a few things about yourself and then nominate others for the award. Thank you for nominating me Sara – I got round to mentioning it eventually!

This week I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award – on Monday I was nominated by Sam at The Giraffe’s Hat (what a great name for a blog!) and this morning I was nominated by Jill at Nice Piece of Work. Thank you ladies!

On Tuesday I received an email from the lovely Susan over at Crochet Addicts telling me she’d nominated me for the Sunshine Award – how exciting! This is another one I’d not come across before but I think it’s great, as we’re not getting much real sunshine at the moment 🙂 And later that same day I got a message from Melissa at Lazy Daisy Crochet, saying there was a surprise for me over at her blog. It turns out that Susan had also nominated her for the Sunshine Award, and she in turn had passed it on to me! So thank you very

All these awards say that you should share some facts about your life (the number varies) and then nominate a number of other blogs for the same award. However, that feels like it will take all day, so instead how about you have a look at the blogs of all these lovely ladies who passed these awards to me – they’re all well worth it 🙂 And once more, thanks so much ladies for these nominations – I’m glad you enjoy my blog!

(I’m slowly figuring out how to add things to my sidebar, so these may (or may not!) turn up on there soon…)

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