Another gorgeous giveaway


May I draw your attention to a completely fabulous giveaway – Fee of Chipper Nelly makes the most gorgeous wooden blocks (amongst other things) and is celebrating 200 followers with a great giveaway! Go and have a look – I promise you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

In other news, I’m worriedly watching my washing on the line as I type this – it’s crazily windy and I have visions of my laundry ending up in a tree or something. It’s also looking very grey and gloomy and like it might rain. Again. Hurrah for British summertime!

I’m also busily procrastinating (which is why I’m looking at giveaways and telling you about them!) as I should be preparing for school/Sunday school before I go out for a meeting. I really should go…

…but I’ll probably check in again later for a little more procrastination! Enjoy your day 🙂

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  1. It has poured non stop here so you did well to get your washing out. I got wet feet when I was out and considered sticking my socks in the hand dryer!!

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