Lovely lavender


Today has been eventful. I met up with a friend for breakfast. We usually go to a cafe near her house, but today she wanted to go to a beacu cafe. It’s not too far away, and it’s somewhere I’ve never been so we hopped in the car.

Not sounding too eventful so far is it? But it’s been raining. A lot. And the route we took was pretty scary in places! We were following a fire engine for a while (which was great – we knew someone was close by if we got stuck in a puddle) and saw several cars which had broken down. There was a poor police man standing almost up to his knees in water trying to clear debris from one part of the road.

We managed to travel several miles until we got to a mini traffic jam. Peering beyond the cars we realised why – there was a HUGE puddle across the road! The fire engine sailed on past the cars and got through, as did a couple of 4×4’s. But we watched as a car drove through. It did make it, but the water came so far up we decided not to risk it.

We headed back and had breakfast in our usual cafe, then did a little shopping – and got completely soaked! It was fun (in it’s own way) but boy was I glad to get home and change into dry clothes!

Anyway, once I was home and dry I got on with a little crafting. I had cut down a lot of my stitched squares to 3 inches (I wanted my lavender bags to be the same size) and added a button to each one. I thenย dusted off my poor neglected sewing machine and got stitching. Once they were sewn together and turned the right way round, I gave them a good ironing.

I then broke into my huge bag of lavender and got filling.

I discovered 2 new uses for a crochet hook during this process – firstly, it was great for pushing out the corners as I turned the the bags the right way round. I usually use scissors, but most were either too big (and didn’t push out the corners properly) or too pointy (and poked holes in the fabric). The crochet hook was just the right size, and nicely rounded so it didn’t damage the fabric.

Secondly, it was useful to help push the lavender through the funnel. It easily got clogged up, so I used the hook to speed up the process of filling the bags.

I’ve still gotย a few more to go, but I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out so far.


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  1. Oh my, that was scary. I’ve been in the situation where I had to drive home through flooded roads in a small 1100 engine car and had a very scared 8year old daughter with me. I followed, very closely, in the wake of a 4×4 and stayed up close on the kerb to keep my battery further out of the water – phEW!! All’s well that end’s well ๐Ÿ˜€
    LOVE those lavender bags ๐Ÿ˜€ Definitely one of my most favourite aromas ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. That’s what it was like here yesterday. Torrential at times, with thunder and lightening. Didn’t stop all day then when it did we had quite a nice evening. Mr P had fun getting to work at lunchtime. Today has been much nicer. So glad I live on a hill though.

    • I’m going to be selling them next Saturday (24th) at Combe St Nicholas football club (although I really need to find out where it is as I have no idea!) There will be all sorts of other stalls and activities going on too, so come along if you’re free!x

      • Not sure if I will be able to make it next weekend as my cousin is hopefully coming up from Portsmouth, as for how to get there, as you get into Combe before you go up the hill take the slip road to the right, when you get to the top of the slope there is a crossroads, take the turning ahead of you, (it is a junction but it appears as though you will be going straight on), follow the lane, very narrow all the way to the top, take the right at the top of the hill, (left would take you back to the village) keep going until you get to a crossroads turn left and the entrance to the football club is on the left, good luck, and we might see you depending on what time my cousin arrives xx

      • Thanks for the instructions! If you don’t manage to get there I can always drop some lavender bags round for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Just let me know! And I’m happy to personalise them with your choice of word/phrase too x

      • thanks Laura, I will let you know and if I don’t make it at the weekend I know what I would like it to say, so I will be in touch, let me know the prices xxxx

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