Comparing squares


I spent some time with Granny this afternoon, which was lovely. I took over my crochet bag and worked as we chatted. We spent quite some time comparing crochet techniques. She has been making 3 round granny squares too, but hers are a lot bigger than mine. (Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so can’t show you the difference.) But I’m really pleased with how mine are looking, over the last 48 hours I’ve managed to make 64 lovely granny squares!

Originally I planned to make 4 of each colour and use most colours in my stash. But looking at the photos I took yesterday I decided that less colours would be better – but that meant making more of each colour.


I had also planned to include these green squares…

…and although I love the colour, I decided it just didn’t work with the others, so have taken it out.

I’ve only got to make 8 more now though – 4 of the Fondant pink and 4 of the Aspen(the aqua kind of colour).

Then work will come to a halt while I wait for my new supplies to arrive. I only hope that I don’t lose focus in that very short space of time and start something else new (although I wouldn’t be at all surprised).


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