New scarf


My belief is that you can never have too many scarves. You never know when you might need one (even in the middle of the summer if you live in Britain) and it’s important to have as many colours and styles as possible. Right?

Or is it just me?

Anyway, at New Wine last week I was merrily browsing round the market place, when a whole host of scarves just jumped out at me. And one in particular caught my eye.

So pretty! And (nearly) the same colour pink as my handbag. The downside – it was just before payday and I couldn’t afford it. I was sure it would be snapped up, but when I went back a few days later it was still there! So of course I bought it before anyone else could get their hands on it.

Now, it cost me more than I would usually pay for a scarf. But it was well worth it. Firstly because it’s been handmade – just look at the tiny stitches quilting 3 layers together. And they’re all so neat! I don’t think I could make all my stitches so similar in size. How many hours must this have taken?!

Secondly it was worth it because it’s recycled. Each scarf was made from an old sari. Presumably one which was too full of holes to be worn any more (I’m guessing this from the small patches in random places) and would otherwise have been thrown away.

Thirdly it was worth it because each scarf tells a story. The women in India who make them have been rescued from human trafficking. From what I understand, Sari Bari was set up to help these women to build a new life for themselves. Each scarf (and all their other products) has a label with the name of the woman who made it.

So not only was I getting a beautiful new scarf, I was helping Uma to build a new life for herself. This is by far the best scarf that I have ever bought!

Find out more about Sari Bari here, or have a look at some of their beautiful products on their UK website here, or their US website here.

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