Marvelous magnets


A few days ago I was having a last little browse on facebook before I went to bed, when up popped a picture of some very pretty magnets.

Photo: Sets of three pretty floral fridge magnets are now half price for a limited time only :)

Not only were they beautiful, they were also on sale! I couldn’t let this opportunity pass, and snapped up 2 sets. I was delighted when they arrived only a couple of days later, all beautifully wrapped in blue tissue paper.

And here they are! (There is just one packet in this picture because I’d already ripped the other one open!)

They’re so pretty! My original plan was to use them on my whiteboard at school, but seeing the grubby state of the current magnets I’m starting to have second thoughts.

I love the little cards that they’re attached to – even the backs are pretty 🙂

And they came with a lovely card too.

Jenny, thank you so much for my pretty magnets! If you’ve not come across Jenny’s work before, pop over to her website or find her on facebook. It’s well worth a look!


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