Hi everyone! I know I’ve not been around much lately (more of that in another post) but I just wanted to bring this great giveaway to your attention! Some of you may have come across Rainbow Junkie before, but go and have a look if you’ve not popped by for a while. She has made some lovely goodies (including some completely amazing snowflakes) which she’s giving away. Really, go and have a look. Now!

Rainbow Junkie

Well I liked the alliteration and there are five free things for one of my now fifty plus followers.

Some people call them Giveaways (as I will) some Competitions, but this is something I have been preparing for, as those who have been following me longest will know.

So what are the conditions for entry?

It’s open to all my followers anywhere in the world.

So if you are one of my followers and you want to be entered for the giveaway all I ask is that you leave a comment at the bottom of this post asking to be entered and saying either

  • What you most enjoy about my posts.


  • What you would like to see more of.

And what is there to be given away?

Well I have made this egg-cosy in the form of a bobble hat. The bobble is maybe a little oversized but I…

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