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A little catch up


Hello, how have you been? Sorry I’ve not been around much lately (I seems like I say that in most of my posts!) Life, as usual, has got in the way of the fun stuff.

However, I have been able to work a little more craftiness into my life over the last couple of weeks – hurrah! I made a lovely ripply scarf for my friend’s birthday. The pattern was Lucy’s from Attic 24. I think I even took some pictures of it, but they all came out blurry and rubbish because it was dark and gloomy.

A lot of the things I’ve been working on are for Christmas presents, so I can’t show you what they are just yet! Hopefully I’ll have lots to show you in January though 🙂

Just this afternoon I’ve made another birthday present. I’ll pop by in a few days to let you see it.

However, something I can show you is my little jug. This is what I painted at half term on the Isle of Wight. It was all safely packed…

…and here it is!

If I’d realised how similar some of the colours are I think I would have chosen a few others. But on the whole I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s now standing proudly on my bookcase, just waiting for something to put in it. Any suggestions?

Half term


I had high hopes for my half term holiday. I was going to do all sorts of lovely crafty activities and blog at least 3 times. I was really looking forward to it. But, as generally seems to happen, things didn’t work out quite as I planned. It wasn’t even that anything particularly unusual happened – plans just changed.

The first part of the week was lovely – I went to the Isle of Wight for a few days with a friend. It was a lovely, relaxing way to start the holiday (although I did still take some work with me). I had time to work on the cross stitch my friend gave me and start a crocheted birthday present for another friend (I haven’t given it to her yet, but will show you sometime soon).

On our first day we visited Chessell Pottery Barns. There was so much lovely pottery to look at (mostly Emma Bridgwater, which I just love!) and we enjoyed a MASSIVE cream tea. But the best part was decorating our own pottery. My friends all chose to paint egg cups…


…and I went for a cute little jug.

I just loved the colours of the paints, but they’ll be darker once it’s been fired. It hasn’t been posted to me yet, but I can’t wait to see how it turned out!

The following day we  paid a visit to Osborne house, but I have so many photos I thought I’d better just write up a separate post!

On Wednesday we went to have a look at the Needles.


It was the most blustery day I’ve experienced in quite a long time! At times it quite literally took my breath away, and made walking along a cliff path fairly scary (it was pretty safe really, but as I don’t like heights there were one or two points when I was terrified!) The wind also made it hard to take any good photos – any time I thought I’d got a good shot, the wind would blow and I would be left with a smudgy blur. Have a look at the website to see what the Needles look like on a sunny day!

On our way up the path we passed by a house with an amazing garden…

It was full of all sorts of toys and funny sayings/quotes.

When we arrived back on the mainland I had a whole lot of school work to catch up on. However, it didn’t actually take me as long as I’d thought (which probably means that there’s a whole lot I’ve forgotten to do!) so I’ve also had some lovely crafty time. I also had another crochet evening on Thursday. Some of the girls from last time came with projects they’ve been working on (which was so exciting to see!) and I had 5 new pupils to teach as well (and I think at least  2 of them have got hooked). I had my camera all ready, but was so busy checking everone was ok I didn’t take any pictures! Maybe next time.

So that was pretty much my week. Now my back is packed, lunch is made and I’m ready to go back to school. I’m already looking forward to the Christmas holidays!