Christmas gifts #1 – The Jars of Happiness


Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting about some of the gifts I made this Christmas. There weren’t loads (I just didn’t have time!) but there will be a couple of posts coming up.


This year I decided to make up lots of jars of sweets (and a few other goodies) to go along with each main present.


They were lined up along the top of the piano for people to help themselves. They went down very well with the children!


The jars were from Ikea and the sweets were from the supermarket. An inexpensive gift idea, but they looked great all lined up together. The jars would be good filled with all sorts of other goodies too – dried lavender, buttons, ribbons, pretty pins – the list goes on and on!


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  1. They really do look great together. I would use these at a childrens’ birthday party instead of a party bag. Children love to pick their own sweets too so I am sure they would go down well.

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