Christmas gifts #2 – Fab Tags


The wrapping on my presents was not particularly special. I quite liked the paper (from good old M&S) but it wasn’t exactly unique. So I thought I’d add a little personal touch with the tags.

I was browsing through facebook about a month before Christmas when I noticed a post from Jenny Arnott Textiles. It doesn’t take much for me to get distracted and I soon ended up looking at her Not On The High Street shop, where I came across some really lovely badges. And even better, she was offering a discount! I already had in my mind how they would work perfectly on Christmassy gift tags, so I snapped them up.


I’ve had these brown tags for a while and use them for so many things. And they went so well with the colour scheme of the paper and ribbon. I just added a couple of small stitches at the bottom of each tag to pin the badge on to and Ta-Da – a fab tag!



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  1. What a great idea. These could be done for all year round too. I love it when I find simple things that even I can do but which will also look fab.

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