Versatile Blogger Award


A few days ago I had a message from Sue over at The Crafty Pioneer saying that she’d nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award – thanks Sue! Her blog is well worth having a look at, and I especially loved her recent post about yarn bombing – so many lovely pictures!versitle-blogger

As with all these awards, I now need to pass it on. This is the part that, at times, has filled me with dread. Not that I want to be stingy, but I only follow a relatively small number of blogs (although I admire many others and dip into them every so often) and how many times can I keep nominating the same people?! However, a few other blogs have recently caught my eye. I haven’t quite come up with the 15 blogs that I’m supposed to nominate (15 seems likeΒ a lot!) but these are blogs that I just love reading. There will be some I’ve nominated before and some new ones, but all are worth taking a look at.

To these nominated bloggers I say this – I completely understand if you can’t accept this award or pass it on for whatever reason. But please just take it as a compliment (I love hearing what you have to say and looking at your lovely pictures) and a thank you for the effort you put into it!

So, in no particular order, here they are:

Noelle O Designs
Pillows A-La-Mode
Mrs M Makes
Tiny Inc
Rainbow Junkie
Hannah Ackroyd
Crochet With Tamara
The Little Room of Rachell
Made By Patch

Thanks very much to all you wonderful people, keep up the good work!

And now for the other part the award requires –Β 7 facts you may not know about me:

1. I only properly learnt to crochet at the beginning of 2012. I’d dabbled with it before (and Granny taught me as a child) but the addiction only really kicked in a year ago.
2. I love crafting with other people. It’s great to pick up ideas from other people, and generally just have a good old natter whilst being creative. Bliss!
3. I love drinking Chai tea.
4. The wreath that I made for Christmas 2011 is still on the door. I might possibly take it down this year…
5. I would love to go to Italy.
6. I have more than 100 unread books on my kindle.
7. I’ve been staring into space for the last 5 minutes trying to think of one last thing to say!

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