Christmas gifts #3 – unfinished placemats


A few weeks before Christmas a friend invited me to go Ikea shopping with her. I leapt at the chance as I just love Ikea! There are just so many things that are completely necessary (even though I’ve never heard of them before) and I love discovering more of them every time I go. During this particular trip I ended up with 20 jars (at the time I had no idea what would go in them, but I knew they’d be useful for Christmas presents somehow), 2 metres of fabric and a trolleyload of other ‘essential’ items.

As soon as I saw the fabric I loved it and knew it would be useful – for something. (Can you spot a pattern emerging here?) I gave it a lot of thought over the next few days before finally deciding that I would turn it into sets of placemats. I apologise in advance for the quality of the photos – they were taken on a very dark and gloomy day!


Now, they weren’t unfinished in the sense that they weren’t sewn up. That would just be rude. But unfinished in the sense that the final touches would be put in place by the recipients.


Along with each set of placemats I also included a box of fabric crayons so that the recipients/their kids/the neighbour/the dog could personalise each set.


I just love the quirky design, with so many seemingly unrelated things all jostling alongside each other.


As well as the fun of colouring them in, they also work well as a jigsaw!



You can see a much better picture of the pattern here.

Just while I’m here, thanks to everyone for your comments on The One Year Giveaway post. You have all been most kind and complimentary. You still have a few more days to enter if you haven’t yet!



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