Doily #1


For Christmas I got an amazing present. A whole set of crochet hooks ranging from 0.5mm – 6.5mm. I’ve only ever used big yarn for crochet (i.e. DK or bigger), so the small hooks presented me with a challenge. I ordered some crochet cotton which arrived a few days ago, then searched around for a pattern. I came across the Starfish Pineapple Doily pattern and thought I’d give it a go. It actually turned out pretty well!


I found it a little tricky to start with. The cotton and hook being so tiny took a while to get used to. I started following the pattern on the screen, but as each row is fairly similar I soon got lost! Printing it out so I could cross off each round as I went helped a lot. I also managed to miss a couple of stitches in a couple of places, which I didn’t realised until a couple of rounds later. Not being a perfectionist (and not wanting to unravel all my stitches!) I just worked around the mistakes. That seemed to work out fine, and I’m really quite pleased with my first attempt.


So pleased in fact, that I’ve already started my second one!

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    • Ooo, I like the idea of using them in cushions! I’m not really sure yet what I’ll do with them – possibly save them until next Christmas and use them in gift decorations… Either that or put them somewhere ‘safe’ and never find them again!

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