A deluge of doilies


Since the first doily turned out so successfully (with only one or two small mistakes) I have been in a bit of a doily frenzy! I ended up making four more over the weekend, churning them out one after the other.

This is doily #2, the Petit Pineapple Doily.


This is the biggest and laciest doily. It was quite ripply after I finished, so I pinned it and sprayed it with starch. The edges are not quite as rounded as in the pattern picture – any tips on howΒ to pin rounded edges without ending up with pointy bits?!

This is doily #3, the Hearts Desire Doily.


This is quite a tiny, dainty one. The colour hasn’t come out very well in the picture – the cotton I used is a fair bit darker. This was a lovely, quick pattern to use and I can see me making more.

This is doily #4, the Five Point Star Doily.


Again, a super quick make and a similar size to the heart doily. I’m glad I didn’t start with this one – most of the instructions are clear enough, but rounds 5 and 6 are a bit vague. Because it was a similar technique to the heart doily I could figure out what needed to be done, but I think it would have a little frustrating if it had been my first attempt at a doily.

#5 is the Daisy Doily.

There is no link to this one as I sort of made it up as I went along! It’s based on one that Mum has…


Mum said it was a family heirloom – meaning it’s old and well used! So well used it’s starting to fall apart in places.


I like the flower pattern in it and thought I’d have a go at making my own. I made less outer rounds than the original, choosing to finish only a couple of rounds after the flower part was finished. On the whole it’s not too bad – some of the chain bits are longer than they should be, and one of the last rounds was a bit tight (meaning that the edge curled up – oops!) but nothing that a bit of blocking and spray starching couldn’t fix.


And of course I didn’t write the pattern down as I went along, so if I attempt another one it’ll all be guess work again!

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  1. Wow! You’re really skilled to be able to recreate your mums doily, it’s beautiful and I’m throughly jealous. πŸ™‚

  2. that is seriously impressive? Lace crochet is very unforgiving if you make mistakes and you clearly haven’t. The pineapple is amazing but I have to say you have reproduced your ‘family heirloom’ piece beautifully and it is better than the original (sorry to your mum!!).

    you have such a talent for this!!

    Do you have plans on what to do with them?

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  7. Can u block like knitting? Shape the rounded edges under a damp towel then steam, then let dry before moving…
    I would love directions to ur oatterns, especially the star oattern. A friend saw this and would like a sweater/shirt made of these….

    • Hi Alice, yes you can block them – I tend to pin them to the right shape then hover a steam iron over the top for a few seconds (the iron shouldn’t actually touch the crochet though!) Then take the pins out when it’s cooled down a few minutes later. Simple!
      I love the idea of a sweater made from a doily pattern! Click on the name of the doily and it will take you to the pattern. Enjoy!

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