Things to do with a dozen doilies


Since posting about my doilies I’ve had several people ask what I’m going to do with them. Tricky question. All I’d really thought about was expanding my crochet skills and not what to do with the end product.


At the moment my delicious doilies are all just hidden away in a box to keep them flat. Bur they really need to be used, not shut away. In search of inspiration I googled ‘repurposing lace doilies’. The first link I clicked on took me to the most amazing place. Dishfunctional Designs has a whole host of ideas for doilies! This is one of my favourites…

Main pic

Isn’t it just beautiful?! And I love this idea too…

In fact, I pretty much love most of the ideas on the page! My brain is buzzing with lacy and doilyish ideas – it’s going to be really tough getting back to maths planning now.


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