January 2013


In January I…

…made 2 new garlands for my bookcase.

Jan 2013 garlands

…enjoyed gates and trees in the snow.

gates and trees in the snow Jan 2013

…had a wonderful trip to a craft fair, resulting in a whole load of new goodies.

Craft fair goodies Jan 2013

…expanded my crochet skills by experimenting with doilies (read about them here and here).

Doilies Jan 2013

…celebrated my one year blogiversary with a giveaway (which finally arrived with Cheryl this week!)

One year giveaway jan 2013

It’s been a good start to the year!

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  1. The crochet doilies are absolutely gorgeous…are they your iwn designs or from a book? I would love to try them…I love to crochet.

    • Most are from patterns I found on the internet – I’ll add links to the posts where I wrote about the doilies, and from there you can find the patterns. I did make one of them up (it’s the most wobbly, wonky one!!)

  2. The give away was fantastic, thanks Laura!! I absolutely loved all of it.

    I have worn the scarf with my green coat and it is perfect. I will be attaching the lovely broach to one of my other jackets and the pegs are sooooo cute.

    The iced gems have gone over a few cups of coffee this week..

    Thank you soooooo much. It has inspired me and I will be doing a blog and my own give away soon.


  3. WONDERUL Laura – I too go weak at the knees at small little gorgeous crochet balls!!!! Thank you for entering your beautiful garland into the Made It…I will be doing a post on it this week. Much love xxx

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