A Tale of Two Turtles


Friendship continued to blossom and grow between Timmy and Tamara. They saw each other every day and spent time chatting about everything under the sun.


They discussed the best way to keep their shells clean, their favourite foods, world events (they were both pleased with the choice of the new pope, and were sure that turtles must have been responsible for the decision) and what to do if they ever found themselves stranded on their backs with no one around to help (this had happened to Timmy as a child and he still had nightmares about it).


To this last point Tamara responded that as they spent so much time together it was unlikely that either would have to suffer the indignity long before the other found them and set them back on their feet.

In between these serious conversations they often played their favourite game of hide and seek, finding new and inventive hiding places every day.





Timmy was never quite sure how Tamara managed to get on top of the bird box (and Tamara never gave away her secret) but agreed that it was a very good hiding place.


Tamara was much better at the game than Timmy and always found him quickly, even when he tried to hide in the middle of a Christmas tree.


One not particularly special day, while they were enjoying a gentle stroll by the flower beds, something very special happened. Tamara was admiring the flowers when a sudden thought hit Timmy. He realised that all this time he’d spent with Tamara he hadn’t once been gloomy or lonely. In fact, he was actually beginning to be quite a cheerful turtle indeed. He glanced at Tamara and saw her in a whole new light. He suddenly knew that this was the turtle he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.


Without hesitation he proposed – and to his great delight Tamara accepted!


Only a few days later they got married at their favourite place in the garden. It was a simple ceremony, but they were both overjoyed.


And who knows what adventures might happen next…

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  1. you’ve got too much time on your hands,(but then perhaps so have I because I’ve just read it from beginning to end!!)

  2. Laura,

    I have left you a message on Facebook and asked you if it would be ok for me to use one of your pictures of Timmy and Tamara on my blogpost today. I will be linking my followers to your blog and wanted to tempt them with the photo of the two turtles hiding behind the flowerpot with Tamara’s butt showing her flower. I won’t post today until I hear from you. Thanks so much for sharing your cute tale of two turtles.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

    • Hi Tamara,
      I’m so sorry for not getting back to you sooner – I wasn’t home all day yesterday so I’ve only just seen your message! I’m more than happy for you to share my turtle photos! Thank you so much for asking first 🙂 Have a lovely day!

      • Laura, it’s quite alright that you didn’t get back to me sooner. I will just work the turtle link into my next blog post. Thanks so much for letting me share your world with some of my followers. 🙂 Hugs, Tamara

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