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I noticed when I posted yesterday that I am getting very close to my 200th post – how exciting! It’s also getting pretty close to my birthday – something else that’s very exciting! So to celebrate these two exciting events I’ve decided to have a giveaway! So many exclamation marks!!!

The winner can choose between a Hearts Desire Doily…


…or a Five Point Star Doily.


This can be made in red, cream, white, pink, pale blue, pale green or pale yellow – is that enough choice?! (Read about the first time I made these patterns here.)


In addition, the winner will also receive a custom made crochet and wooden beaded necklace, similar to this one.


The winner can pick the colour and length of their choice.

There may also be one or two other goodies added over the next couple of weeks – watch this space!

If you’re interested in joining in, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

Lack of time and energy


Hello, how have you been? It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I’m not quite sure myself where the last two weeks have gone. I blame school – it is completely draining my time and energy yet again. I’ve had a couple of blog posts running through my head, but not had the head space to actually write them. I’ve also not had the energy to make anything, so even if I’d written a post there probably wouldn’t have been much to it!

This week was my friend’s birthday. I’ve been working on something for her since Christmas (you may remember mentions of a secret project) and this week I can finally let you know what it was – a hexagon blanket in five different shades of blue. I was happy with how it turned out, and my friend seemed very pleased with it too! Now, this is the place where I should start to show you some photos, right? And normally I’d be happy to oblige.

However, I don’t have any photos! I was waiting for good light, but ended up waiting too long! In the end I had to wrap up the present and give it to my friend. I made her promise that I could visit her some time soon to take photos!

So today all I can offer are my apologies, firstly for not being around for far too long, and secondly for a pictureless post! Maybe the next post will be a little more interesting…

Exciting things in the post


A couple of days ago Janette (aka The Green Dragonfly) blogged about ‘Getting ‘real’ mail’, and how nice it is to get something that isn’t junk mail or a bill. From the number of comments at the bottom of the post it seems that several other people also miss getting exciting things in the post. Email/facebook/Skype etc. are certainly very handy (and a lot cheaper) for keeping in touch with people, but there is something very special about getting a handwritten letter or card in the post.

So imagine how excited I was to receive a huge envelope in the post on the very same day I read Janette’s blog!


I immediately knew who it was from and what it contained. A few weeks ago I won a washcloth on a giveaway on Tamara’s blog, and as I don’t often get post from abroad I knew it must be my prize! (The fact that Tamara’s name and the contents of the parcel were written on the outside of the envelope were also big clues!) I eagerly opened it up and was surprised to see not one but two beautiful washcloths!


This is the card…


Tamara has beautiful handwriting – I wish I could write as neatly as she does!

Anyway, let’s have a closer look at the washcloths. This one feels lovely and thick and I love how colourful it is.


And this is her label on the back…


Look at the lacy edging on this one…



Thank you so much Tamara, I just love them!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the following day I had another handwritten envelope in the post! This was another one from a fellow blogger, this time from Jane (aka Rainbow Junkie). She recently celebrated her one year blogiversary (I love that word!) and generously offered to make a bookmark for the people who commented most – and I was one of them! Inside the envelope was a note written on card and held together with elastic bands.


I opened it up to find…


How beautiful is that?! Let’s have a proper look…


Jane, you are so talented! It made it’s way straight into my book (and replaced the previous bookmark – a paper heart which was the closest thing to hand when I needed to save my page!) and has been doing a wonderful job. It makes me smile every time I see it!


Thank you Jane for your lovely gift!

If anyone else feels the need to send me pretty things in the post I’ll happily give you my address 🙂

Cute cardigan


I set this week aside to do my planning for the term ahead at school. It’s not been going well. I’m so easily distracted by things that are so much more interesting than planning!

A big distraction this week has been birthday presents. There are 2 birthdays coming up in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been working on a present for one of them since Christmas (and since the birthday girl reads my blog you won’t get to see it until the present is unwrapped!) and have been looking for inspiration for the other for the last few days.

So I headed to Ravelry. Always a mistake when I should be doing something else as there is just so much to look at! After quite a lot of browsing I found a really cute little cardigan, just right for a pretty little girly girl who loves to twirl her skirts. This pattern is by Holland Designs and can be found here.

Download Now - CROCHET PATTERN Shortie Sweater - Baby to Adult - Pattern PDF

Having found the pattern I then went searching for yarn. Again, a lot more time was spent on this than should have been, but I found an absolutely gorgeous cotton. It’s King Cole Cottonsoft DK and is just wonderful to work with. It’s beautifully soft and doesn’t split like some yarn does.

And here’s the finished product…


It looks a little different to the one in the picture. I’m hoping that this is because it’s a different size and is on a hanger instead of a child!

I adapted the pattern slightly and didn’t do a ribbed edge, but finished it with a row of DC in cream. I also used this edging to create a little loop for the button.


And I added three little micro flowers (found here) because it needed a little more pink!


So that’s one present ready. Perhaps I’d better get back to planning…

Tidying and sorting


I usually live surrounded by a bit of creative clutter. I’d love for everything to be super neat and tidy and organised, but that’s just not the way I am. My friend posted this picture the other day (the only link it had was this, but I can’t find the actual picture on the website – I’m sure it must be there somewhere though!)…

Isn’t it lovely? A workspace like this would be just amazing! Of course, it’d need to be at least double the size and I’d need someone to tidy up after me. It would only take me a couple of hours to get to the point where the doors would no longer close!

Yesterday I realised that my ‘creative clutter’ had got way out of hand to the point where it was just a mess.


I had loads of unfinished projects stacked up next to me, piles of notebooks, patterns, paper, receipts – you name it, it was probably there somewhere. After a couple of hours of sorting and tidying it now looks like this…


I love the uncluttered feeling and the space with only the things around me that I’m actually using… but there’s already a whole lot more around me than you can see in the picture. *Sigh* I guess I’ll just have to come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be one of those really tidy people and that there will always be ‘stuff’ around me. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

More chicks and bunnies


I’ve just got back from a very fun but quite chaotic afternoon. We met in a small cricket pavilion which comfortably holds 30 people. I have no idea how many people were actually there, but it felt like a lot more than 30! Despite the chaos (and lack of scissors – why did I think that 1 pair would be enough?!) I think most people had a great afternoon. Alongside the Easter egg hunt, games on the field, Easter nest making and colouring in, I was kept busy all afternoon making pompom animals. This is the calm before the storm…

2013-04-04 14.20.19

Boy, was there a lot of fluff to clean up afterwards!!

Here are my originals


And here are some of the ones made this afternoon. I didn’t get to take a picture of all of them, but we had some really great creations!

A wild, multi-coloured dog

A wild, multi-coloured dog

A bunny with crazy ears

A bunny with crazy ears

A multi-coloured pompom monster

A multi-coloured pompom monster

A cute chick with a wonky beak (that was my fault!)

A cute chick with a wonky beak (that was my fault!)

It was great fun and hopefully we’ll do something similar in the next holiday!



The Sound of Cracking Shells


Timmy and Tamara continued to care for their eggs carefully. Tamara protected the eggs and Timmy looked after Tamara, fetching anything she wanted at any hour of the day.


They carefully monitored their precious eggs, looking closely at them every day to see if there were any signs of change. They longed for the day when their children would hatch and were becoming quite impatient.

One sunny day the moment arrived – a quiet cracking grew louder as the pink egg began to hatch.


Timmy and Tamara were joined by their first child, a daughter they named Tasha.


It wasn’t long before the green egg began to crack and they were joined by their second child, a son they named Tarquin.


They all watched the blue egg, waiting for the cracking to begin. But nothing happened. They watched and waited for a whole day and night before the egg started to move very slightly. They held their breath as the final egg cracked open and Tiny Tom emerged.


They were all surprised by how small he was, but they loved him greatly.


Before long Timmy and Tamara began to show their children around their special garden. Tamara took great delight in teaching them how to play hide and seek. Tasha had clearly inherited her Mother’s gift for hiding, and was often the last to be found.


And in the evenings, after their children were safely tucked up in bed, Timmy and Tamara would delight in watching their precious offspring sleep and look forward to all the adventures ahead of them.

Turtle Tale Continued


Timmy and Tamara enjoyed married life. They spent more time together than ever, and continued to enjoy walks and games in the garden.


One day, however, Timmy started to get a little worried. Tamara had been quite distant with him, and when he went to suggest they take a walk in the garden he couldn’t find her.


He frantically searched high and low and was starting to panic when he suddenly heard Tamara calling to him.

“Timmy, come here! I’ve got something to show you.”


He couldn’t see where she was, although she sounded as though she was close by. Eventually, by following the sound of Tamara’s giggles, he found her – and he couldn’t believe his eyes!


There in front of him were three brightly coloured eggs. Tamara had disappeared that day because she was searching for a good place to lay her eggs. Timmy was speechless – he was to become a father!

In March…


…I (very briefly) enjoyed a splash of spring colour in the sunshine.

Spring flowers 2

…I updated the wreath that hangs on the back door (after a Christmas theme for a year and a half I thought it was probably time for a change).

Spring wreath

…I made (well, I watched my friend make – that counts right?!) some very yummy, very colourful gluten free chocolate chip muffins.

Spring cakes

…I made two pairs of baby slippers.

Spring baby slippers

…And I started telling Turtle Tales (part 1, part 2, part 3).

Spring Turtles

Part 4 is coming really soon! And pop along to Little Muggles if you’d like to make your very own turtle 🙂