Tidying and sorting


I usually live surrounded by a bit of creative clutter. I’d love for everything to be super neat and tidy and organised, but that’s just not the way I am. My friend posted this picture the other day (the only link it had was this, but I can’t find the actual picture on the website – I’m sure it must be there somewhere though!)…

Isn’t it lovely? A workspace like this would be just amazing! Of course, it’d need to be at least double the size and I’d need someone to tidy up after me. It would only take me a couple of hours to get to the point where the doors would no longer close!

Yesterday I realised that my ‘creative clutter’ had got way out of hand to the point where it was just a mess.


I had loads of unfinished projects stacked up next to me, piles of notebooks, patterns, paper, receipts – you name it, it was probably there somewhere. After a couple of hours of sorting and tidying it now looks like this…


I love the uncluttered feeling and the space with only the things around me that I’m actually using… but there’s already a whole lot more around me than you can see in the picture. *Sigh* I guess I’ll just have to come to terms with the fact that I’ll never be one of those really tidy people and that there will always be ‘stuff’ around me. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

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  1. You’ve done a great job with your desk, but I’m relieved to hear that there are untidy bits that we can’t see. The mess I have got myself into with craft stuff spreads from the spare room to my bedroom to a part of the kitchen and also some of the lounge. I’m out of control but can’t stop now, and don’t know where on earth to put everything. I need to move!!!

  2. Well done, Laura!!!

    I absolutely love the cake stand that has your threads etc on it (I think it is a cake stand??). What a great way to use a small space.

    Looks great.

    I think I just move mess so it is hidden behind/inside something!! LOL

  3. I always get very excited by beautiful craft spaces but actually, if it was actually being use to be creative in it just wouldn’t look like that! Thanks for visiting Planet Penny and your kind comment.

  4. My study and sitting room are forever getting untidy with projects on the go. I am getting a merchants chest soon so I can sort all my bits into separate drawers. All I need to do then is make sure I put things away. 🙂 It will help me to find things though I hope.

  5. It is the hardest thing in the world to keep craft stuff tidy. I find I keep such random bits and pieces (you know, just in case I will use it one day) that I rarely have a neat collection of any one item. Years ago I covered shoe boxes with pretty wrapping paper which I still use today, they are handy for sorting bits of ribbon, buttons, beads, embroidery silks etc and being of a like size look neat lined up on a shelf.

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