Exciting things in the post


A couple of days ago Janette (aka The Green Dragonfly) blogged about ‘Getting ‘real’ mail’, and how nice it is to get something that isn’t junk mail or a bill. From the number of comments at the bottom of the post it seems that several other people also miss getting exciting things in the post. Email/facebook/Skype etc. are certainly very handy (and a lot cheaper) for keeping in touch with people, but there is something very special about getting a handwritten letter or card in the post.

So imagine how excited I was to receive a huge envelope in the post on the very same day I read Janette’s blog!


I immediately knew who it was from and what it contained.ย A few weeks ago I won a washcloth on a giveaway on Tamara’s blog, and as I don’t often get post from abroad I knew it must be my prize! (The fact that Tamara’s name and the contents of the parcel were written on the outside of the envelope were also big clues!) I eagerly opened it up and was surprised to see not one but two beautiful washcloths!


This is the card…


Tamara has beautiful handwriting – I wish I could write as neatly as she does!

Anyway, let’s have a closer look at the washcloths. This one feels lovely and thick and I love how colourful it is.


And this is her label on the back…


Look at the lacy edging on this one…



Thank you so much Tamara, I just love them!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the following day I had another handwritten envelope in the post! This was another one from a fellow blogger, this time from Jane (aka Rainbow Junkie). She recently celebrated her one year blogiversary (I love that word!) and generously offered to make a bookmark for the people who commented most – and I was one of them! Inside the envelope was a note written on card and held together with elastic bands.


I opened it up to find…


How beautiful is that?! Let’s have a proper look…


Jane, you are so talented! It made it’s way straight intoย my book (and replaced the previous bookmark – a paper heart which was the closest thing to hand when I needed to save my page!) and has been doing a wonderful job. It makes me smile every time I see it!


Thank you Jane for your lovely gift!

If anyone else feels the need to send me pretty things in the post I’ll happily give you my address ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Lucky fish! I have two of Jane’s bookmarks from her giveaway a couple of months ago, they are exquisitely made. One is currently doing its job in a book and I have ‘stuck’ the other one (red fans) on my lampshade. I know that sounds silly but it just stays on the fabric-covered lampshade without falling off, so it’s like lamp jewellery. Tamara’s washcloths are awesome, I would never be able to use one for that purpose! (Guess I could stick it on the other lampshade…!!!)

  2. Hi Laura!

    I’m so glad that my package arrived safely and that you love the washcloths. Thanks so much for posting and including the link to my blog.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

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