Long weekend


Good morning! I’m feeling pretty cheerful this morning because even though it’s Saturday it is the second day of my weekend! And I still have two whole days to go! (Can you tell that I’m really quite excited about having a long weekend?!)

I had a lovely day yesterday. I spent the morning at an open day/fair hosted by able2achieve, an organisation which supports those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.Β (The website is being updated at the moment, but there is still a little information about what they do. Be warned though, it will start to talk to you after a few seconds! It made me jump as I had the volume turned up loud!!) A friend of mine goes there twice a week, so she gave us the grand tour. It’s based at a farm, so there were several animals involved. There were guinea pigs and some giant rabbits which I forgot to take photos of, but were very cute. There were also some lovely, fluffy ducklings…

2013-05-03 11.37.21

…two turkeys…

2013-05-03 12.27.11

…a couple of sheep (which, according to the 4-year old in our group, weren’t proper sheep because they weren’t white!)…

2013-05-03 12.30.34

…and several hairy pigs!

2013-05-03 12.27.42

There was one very tiny piglet, only two weeks old – you may just about be able to make him out in this picture.

2013-05-03 12.29.45

I then spend a very relaxing afternoon with my yarn and hook making the next item which will be included in my giveaway. Can you guess what it is?


I’ve been using Lucy’s Summer Garden Granny Square pattern – so pretty!


And now I’m looking out of the window at the unexpected sunshine (rain was predicted but has already blown overΒ – hurrah!) and have just made lunch plans with a friend, so day 2 of the weekend is off to a good start. I will also have the chance to take pictures of the blanket I know you’ve just been dying to see, so hopefully I’ll be able to post those either later today or perhaps tomorrow.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!


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  1. Laura,

    I love the photos of the farm animals and of course I love the granny squares. I’m not sure what you are making with them but a pillow would be pretty. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful 2 1/2 more days away from work.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Love those turkeys, very handsome boys. Are the circles for a garland? Or a present for me, at the very least? I love them!
    Enjoy your long weekend, pity there aren’t more of them, hey?!

  3. Happy May Bank Holiday Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to Monday the most as I get a wonderful late morning that day with no school run and packed lunches to do.

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