Stripy Blanket CAL #1


This morning felt a lot like Christmas. I had a wonderful parcel in the post – new yarn!


Ooo, look at all the colours!


It was just so exciting, and the best part is that I only ordered it yesterday! I love that it arrived so speedily. I guess it helps that I live fairly close to where the shop is based (Bristol) so it didn’t have too far to travel. And I love the fact that I didn’t even have to pay for the postage (because I spent over Β£15). The wonderful shop I got these goodies from is called Get Knitted. I may well pay them a visit in the summer holidays!

Anyway, (part of) the reason I ordered so much new yarn is because, starting from today, I’m taking part in the ‘As we go stripy blanket CAL’. This has been organised by Hannah of Not Your Average Crochet. It’s not too late to join in if you haven’t already!

Hannah’s first few rows look like this…


…and mine look like this…


Oops, it’s upside down! But you get the idea…

I’m using the same yarn as Hannah (good old Stylecraft Special DK) but she’s using a 5mm hook and I’m using 4mm, so mine will be slightly smaller. It measures about 46.5 in/118 cm across. I’ve also decided to use a wider range of colours, partly because I already have a lot of colours in the right yarn, partly because I want to use some new colours, and partly because it just feels like this needs to be a super colourful blanket!

The colours so far (from top to bottom) are meadow, apricot (I think! I’ve had this for a long time, and I’m pretty sure it’s apricot, although it’s a lighter shade than the ball that’s just arrived), fondant, sherbet, parchment.



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    • I was really pleased with the colours too! It’s fairly pale at the moment (although I guess the green and pink are a bit darker) but not sure if it’ll stay that way or if I’ll add some brighter colours too. I’ll probably just decide as I go along!

  1. Looking great, and so exciting to start a new (and big) project. Am going to be watching all you Hannah-CAL girls closely for your progress, i’m too swamped to join in myself although would dearly have liked to.
    PS. I think you photographed your strip on the turtle set – how are those little guys doing?

    • Oh the pressure of being watched! Having said that, I’ll be closely watching the others involved too πŸ™‚ And you’re right, that was the turtle set. Those guys are doing well, slowly plodding through every day life at the moment. But they may be back for more adventures in the summer holidays!

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