Bead Tassel


I’ve been back at school for one week and it honestly feels forever since I had a holiday. I feel completely drained.

I think part of the exhaustion was caused by a trip to a local farm this morning. It was all organised for me (so I had no idea what was going on) and it was only my class going so I felt a little stressed!

We found out about potato farming, looked at some worms and talked about how they’re good for the soil then looked at some animals.




The chicks were the favourite – they’re just so cute!


It ended up being a great morning, the kids loved it and it was all really well organised, but by the time we arrived back at school at lunchtime I was ready to crash! Unfortunately I then had to teach for the rest of the afternoon (although ‘teach’ might be a stretch – we wrote thank you letters to the organisers of our visit then had golden time!) before I could finally leave.

I had barely been in the door 2 minutes before I’d eaten a chocolate bar (I needed the energy boost) and I’m just about starting to relax and unwind and enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend – hurrah!

As well as some cute animal pictures I wanted to show you a bead tassel I made yesterday. I was inspired by Jill’s post a few days ago, and with a little prompting from her (although she didn’t have to use huge powers of persuasion) I got out my bead box and had a go.

I started by choosing the beads I wanted to use. I went for a seaside theme and set all the beads out on my laptop. That was fine until I needed to move the cursor and sent beads flying everywhere!


I set these to one side as I wanted to use them at the ends.


And here’s the finished item!


It’s currently hanging on my sewing machine (which hasn’t been used for anything other than storage space in quite a long time!) until I decide where it will permanently live.


If you’ve not had a go at making tassels yourself, I’d definitely recommend it – they’re really quite easy and quick to put together. Just don’t try to pull the thread too quickly back through the beads at the end of each strand. You may think the thread will easily glide through the beads with no problems. Not true. It will twist and wrap itself around all the other strands (and your fingers too if you’re not careful) and cause all sorts of headaches as you try to untangle it all. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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  1. We have been back at school one week too and both me and the boys are feeling very tired. We had a lovely week off so didn’t really want to go back. Plus I think the fact it has been so warm wears you out more quickly. It’s really busy here both in school and out, lots going on. Always the way with the summer term. I’m impressed with your tassel, all I have managed is a few crochet blocks in the evening.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve already started the countdown to the summer holiday – it can’t get here quick enough! Let’s hope things improve and we don’t just have 6 more weeks of exhaustion.

  2. I love your tassel, the colours are gorgeous and \i really like the odd button here and there, am going to try one with buttons myself now 🙂 They make great quickie gifts, too. Hope you can enjoy a bit of a rest this weekend x

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