Stripy blanket CAL #2


I was so excited to see the next CAL post! I got started straight away, and finished my rows just a few minutes ago. I immediately took it outside to get some photos…




I think I’m happy with it, but I’m still a little bit undecided. I quite like the Catherine wheels, but it seems like they’re backwards – the ‘wrong’ side seems to be on the front. This might just me being picky, but it’s bugging me a bit. But if I want to change it I’ll have to unravel the last 6 rows, add another dc/hdc row then start the Catherine wheels again. And I just don’t know if I can be bothered.


I’m also wondering about my colour choice. I like the colours I’ve used, but wondered if I should have perhaps added a couple of other colours before repeating the sherbet and parchment.


Anyway, while I think about that, let me show you the finished flower I told you about, beads and all.


Here’s a close up of the heart at the bottom…


I love it! Happy flower decoration is definitely the right name for it!


It’s currently on my notice board. I’m not sure where it’s permanent home will be, but I’m happy admiring it where it is for the time being.

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  1. It’s lovely, don’t rip it! You can always do the same colour for the next few rows to calm it down, this can be your busy pattern bit πŸ™‚ Love the flower too!

  2. This is looking really good, the colours and the different stitches are lovely. The flower hangy is great too, I’m sure it cheers up your notice board.

  3. I like it just as is. Keep up the good work. Why unravel.
    In my mind there is no “right/wrong” side. It’ reversible.

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    • I can see you making a big colourful flower like this one! In rainbow colours of course πŸ™‚ I think I’ve decided to leave the blanket alone and carry on with it as it is (at least for the time being!)

  5. Just gorgeous, as ever. I love your blog as it is so inspiring and pretty. I REALLY mus tlearn to crochet this year.

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