Start as you mean to go on


I don’t know about you, but I just love starting new projects. There’s something exciting about the buzz of a new idea and making it happen. Or discovering a gorgeous pattern, finding the right type of yarn and getting started.

However, I often find that, unless it’s a super-quick-finish-in-an-hour pattern, I get distracted/bored/confused and end up not finishing. I put the project down and walk away, sometimes for an hour or two or sometimes for several months. Let me give you an example.

Back in March or April I found an amazing pattern for a cardigan that I knew would be brilliant for my friend’s daughter.

Ermeline hooded cardigan

I downloaded it, ordered the yarn and waited impatiently for it to be delivered. Almost as soon as the yarn dropped onto my doormat I got started.


Because it was aran yarn, a big hook and a small pattern (I made the 3 year old size) it worked up really quickly. I adapted the pattern slightly to make stripy sleeves. I listened to a Lord of the Rings audiobook. And within about 3 days I had nearly finished! All I had left to do were the button holes. And this is where the problem struck.


I didn’t like the buttonholes in the pattern.

I played around with a couple of ideas, but had no inspiration. “It’s ok,” I thought to myself. “It’s only April and her birthday isn’t until October. I’ll think about it for a while and come up with a solution.” I thought about it. I moved it from place to place. I put it in a bag and it ended up staying in that bag until the beginning of October. I then realised that I’d actually missed her birthday!

Because I had to get it done, I came up with super simple buttonholes and finished it in just a couple of hours, ready to hand over the present a week late. Oh dear!


Thankfully her Mum saw the funny side (and I think she may do the same sort of thing at times too!) but how ridiculous that I’d nearly finished the present 6 months early and yet still managed to deliver it a week late.

I wish this was the only example I could give you. Sadly it is not.

Right at the beginning of August I offered to test a pattern for Jill who writes the wonderful Nice Piece of Work blog. I was so excited that I had the opportunity to test someone’s pattern! Again, almost as soon as the parcel from Jill dropped onto the doormat I got started. It was an easy pattern to follow and in no time at all I’d made all the separate parts of the bag. All that was left to do was assemble it.


And again, it just sat there. For weeks on end. Jill was so very patient with me (thank you Jill!) but I was feeling really guilty for not finishing quicker. Eventually I put it all together a month later.


And then there’s the Stripy Blanket CAL.


I joined in right at the beginning and whizzed through the rows for the first 3 weeks. Then at week 4 I was a little busier than usual and somehow I’ve not quite managed to get back to it yet. I’m intending to one day as I’ve seen some beautiful completed works. But I suppose I really should finish a few other things first…

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  1. I am exactly the same lol! Do you read Nikki’s blog…. She keeps writing about “eating your frogs” (the phrase comes from a book about time management/productivity in business), well that’s what we need to do 😉

  2. I was really chuckling when I read,your post, cause I think there are a lot of us out there who do the same thing. I am a starter, and like you, get busy, bored, confused, distracted and the project is put aside. You see it, say to yourself, “I’ve got to finish that”, but don’t. Oh well, eventually they get finished, and then we are happy with ourselves again! I love to find and start new projects, but I am not so good at getting them finished. Working on that! Like you. Keep up the good work. xxoo JO

    • Glad I made you chuckle! And it’s good to know that it’s not just me either 🙂 Although that just seems to give me more of an excuse not to finish anything if I know other people do the same!

  3. Hi Laura! I love your honesty about starting things and having trouble finishing them. I find myself doing the same thing; so you are not alone. Thanks for sharing. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  4. What a gorgeous cardi design!!!! Hey, I totally get you there when it comes to not finishing so well done for doing it. Your CAL is looking amazing, you always get the colours perfect

  5. I fear I’m even worse than you lot :-(. Often I don’t even get to the starting, though yarns and patterns have arrived. Knowing so many others don’t finish their projects makes it more acceptable but still……………..
    I really love the cardigan you made. I might start it too :-D.
    Warm greetings from Holland

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