Rangoli patterns



My topic at school this half term is Celebrations – perfect with Christmas coming up! But when I started looking I realised that this time of year is jam packed with festivals and celebrations of different kinds. So I then decided that I’d focus on a different festival/celebration each week!


Last week we had Bonfire Night as our theme for the week. We had lots of fun discussing why we celebrate the death of Guy Fawkes by putting a replica of him on a bonfire. (My Australian friend finds this tradition pretty weird and slightly disturbing – and who can blame her?!) This week our theme was Diwali.


I knew very little about this festival, so went straight to Google to do a little research. Something I came across a lot was the use of rangoli patterns. There are some really beautiful examples on google images. I knew I could link this to maths (repeating patterns/symmetry) and therefore planned a rangoli day!


I gave the children dotty paper to have a go at making their own rangoli patterns (which turned out to be really difficult for some of them!) but the most successful were the ones they made with coloured rice.


I printed colouring pictures as guidelines and the children had to use the rice to fill in the outlines – simple!


I think my favourite part was making the coloured rice. It was super easy – put a load of rice in a Ziploc bag, add some food colouring and give the bag a good old shake! (Remembering to seal the top first, obviously!)


The blue and purple were gel food colouring which didn’t work as well, but the liquid colouring gave a lovely vibrant colour. We even managed to collect up the rice we’d used, so I now have 2 big bags of multi-coloured rice. Any suggestions what we can use it for next?!


Of course, not all of it managed to stay in the right place…


I haven’t seen the cleaners yet, but hope they weren’t too cross!


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