Christmas 2013 – Minion hats


I’ve been in touch with Santa more than usual this year. My class and I had 2 letters from him, the first asking them to write to him and the second thanking him for their letters. The looks of wonder and excitement when they saw these letters were just lovely! We also had a visit from one of Santa’s elves who arrived by helicopter on the playing fields up the road from the school.


She collected the letters from the whole school and delivered them personally to Santa. She had to use Santa’s magic dust to make herself big enough to collect the letters, but she took too much which is why she’s so tall!

I also had a particularly special request from Santa – could I make 2 minion hats for my cousin’s children? Well, I couldn’t very well turn down Santa, so I found a couple of patterns and got started using this pattern. Then I started again. And again. And again!Β The problem was that I played around with the pattern I had because I wasn’t happy with how it was working out. But the playing around created other problems.

At one point I actually started knitting – but gave up when I realised it had taken me an hour to knit about an inch, and (when I’ve got the pattern right!) it only takes about an hour and a half to crochet an entire hat! In the end I used a combination of the pattern above and this pattern, making up other bits as I went along. And this is how they turned out…

minion hats

And this is what they look like being worn by their new owners…





I think they like them!

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