A cushion jumper


Hello friends, how have you been? Life here has been the normal mix of school, church and craft activities. I’ve transformed my living room from fresh spring…


…to cosy autumn.


I updated the twigs above my fireplace with sparkly apples, autumn leaves, felt apples and mushrooms and a couple of orange slices.




I also changed my cushion covers for cosy knitted/crochet covers in autumnal colours.


And this week I celebrated one year of (fairly) successful homeownership – hurrah!

I’ve just enjoyed a week off from school. My challenge was to finally unpack those last few boxes which had been lurking under beds/taking up space on my craft room floor! It took three days, multiple black bin bags and a trip to the charity shop, but I now feel that I’ve properly unpacked – hurrah!


This jumper very nearly ended up at the charity shop, but at the last minute I snatched it back from the bag. I’ve rarely worn it (it was way too big when I bought it but I couldn’t be bothered to take it back to the shop!) but I love the colours. And I realised that it would make a super cosy cushion cover, a perfect addition to my autumnal loving room!


I was a bit hesitant at first – my Mum and Granny always drilled it into me that you can’t go cutting knitted fabrics! – but I took the plunge and found it was actually easier than I expected. After I cut the pieces to the right size I whizzed it through the sewing machine (going over all the seams twice, just to make sure they hold), turned it the right way round then crocheted along one edge to make button holes to keep it closed.
Ta dah!


I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it only took about half an hour too! I’m now on the look out for other jumpers to cut up…

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  1. The cushion looks great. I like the idea of rotating cushions for the seasons, it’s certainly cheaper than redecorating. Jean

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