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Guess what I made…


It was my friend’s birthday on Sunday. I was a little unorganised and only got round to starting her present on Friday! Can you guess what it is? It includes…




DSCN4496 DSCN4486

a button…


a few more stripes…


some bobbly edging…


a hexagon (and some more stripes)…


Yes, it’s a stripy bag!


It acutally started off as a small purse. But by the time I got to purse size I just wanted to keep going so decided to make it into a bag! I managed to get it done in a day and a half. My neck and shoulder were feeling the pain by the end of it, but it was well worth the effort. I made my bag full of stripes nearly a year ago and it’s been in constant use ever since. I hope this one is as useful for my friend!


Go and have a look at Mrs M’s gorgeously generous giveaway – so many pretty things! The button ribbon and wooden buttons are my favourites 🙂

Mrs M Makes

Last week I found I had 50 followers and decided to have my first ever giveaway. I now have a few more followers. I’m going to send a surprise to whoever wins the giveaway as well as the items below:


1m of five different ribbons


15 painted wooden buttons


An assortment of other buttons


Some lampwork beads


An assortment of other beads

And finally:


A selection of jewellery findings including wire, earring hooks, headpins, ring bases, lobster clasps and more.

To win all of this and the mystery item, write a comment below as to what you might make with the goodies you would get if you win. You can gain an extra entry by either reblogging or mentioning this giveaway on your blog and then writing another comment on here to let me know. The winner must be Mrs M Makes follower.

The giveaway is open until midnight on…

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Hi everyone! I know I’ve not been around much lately (more of that in another post) but I just wanted to bring this great giveaway to your attention! Some of you may have come across Rainbow Junkie before, but go and have a look if you’ve not popped by for a while. She has made some lovely goodies (including some completely amazing snowflakes) which she’s giving away. Really, go and have a look. Now!

Rainbow Junkie

Well I liked the alliteration and there are five free things for one of my now fifty plus followers.

Some people call them Giveaways (as I will) some Competitions, but this is something I have been preparing for, as those who have been following me longest will know.

So what are the conditions for entry?

It’s open to all my followers anywhere in the world.

So if you are one of my followers and you want to be entered for the giveaway all I ask is that you leave a comment at the bottom of this post asking to be entered and saying either

  • What you most enjoy about my posts.


  • What you would like to see more of.

And what is there to be given away?

Well I have made this egg-cosy in the form of a bobble hat. The bobble is maybe a little oversized but I…

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Starting again


I was merrily hooking away at my blanket. I was pleased that the squares were joining together quite quickly. And I loved how it looked when it was spread out across the floor.

The problem came when I properly looked at it when it wasn’t stretched out. The squares looked bumpy and misshapen and just not right.

I’m not entirely sure why either. They looked fine when I practised on a few squares. The problem may have been that I changed hooks. The one I started with (a boring grey looking 4mm one) disappeared, so I picked up my shiny pink 4mm hook instead. But the pink hook isn’t quite as rounded on the end, so I had to hold it slightly differently to get it smoothly through my loops. I’m wondering if this made me change the tension in some way?

Anyway, I decided to have a proper look for the boring grey hook. I’d had a bit of a rummage around in my bag without finding it, so this time I just tipped out the whole lot on the floor. As I was sorting through, checking each ball of yarn (I often tuck my hook inside a ball so it doesn’t get lost!) I found another colour I wanted to include in my blanket, a warm yellow called Saffron. Eventually, in the last ball I checked, I found my grey hook – hurrah!

But what to do now? Should I pick up where I left off? Or start again?

I decided to start again. I pulled apart all the squares I’d joined (but kept the white wool already attached to each one).

I also whipped up 8 Saffron yellow squares and worked them into my pattern (with one or two other slight changes).


I’ve now got the first row joined. I’ve done it differently and it’s working much better. Hurrah!

Let’s hope I don’t spot any more problems…

A sunny Sunday afternoon


The weather this afternoon is just right for spending in the garden. I’m not normally all that eager to dash out at the first sight of sun (I burn really easily and my eyes water if I’m facing the sun) but it’s been so wet and cold here that I’m determined to make the most of the sun while it’s here!

I was happily reading and hooking when I noticed a snail not far from my feet – ew! It got worse though, as soon the snail was crawling up the leg of the bench. It was at that point that I decided I’d had enough of being outside (for a while at least) so I got packed up and have carried on with my hooking inside.

Anyway, this is how the blanket’s looking so far:

More scarf like than blanket like (apart from the funny little block of squares on the end!) and I’ve already realised it’ll be far too small, so I’m thinking of different ways to make it bigger. I’ll let you know what I come up with!

Also, I’ve found a new home for my teeny tiny bunting:

It seemed a shame for it to just be used on the top of my display boards (especially as I won’t be using them any time soon) so thought that in the meantime they can join my ever growing bunting collection on my bookshelves. It’s on the shelf right next to my teeny tiny crochet bunting.

Top Secret Project


Do you remember I mentioned a Top Secret Project a couple of months ago? Well, things kind of came to a standstill (as they often seem to do with me) until the other day I realised that the deadline is getting pretty close!

Obviously I can’t show you too much, but I can show you just a little of what I’ve been doing. I have been doing (and still have yet to do) a whole lot of stitching. I tried it out on a couple of scraps.

In total I have 41 letters to stitch – and I’ve only done 7 so far! I’d better get a move on.

I also tried sewing some ribbon, just to see how it would look.

I like it, but am going to see how it looks with machine stitching, just to save a little time.

It won’t be long before I can show you the finished article. In the meantime, I’m taking lots of photos so I can share the whole process with you 🙂


I just want to make this clear that this is a reposted blog – I don’t think I’d have the patience to knit toys like this! But please pop on over to the beautiful blog of Crayons and Milk to have a look at some wonderful creations 🙂

crayons and milk

I just want to THANK YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU for all the love, support, and encouragements that I have been receiving!  *Hugs & Kisses*

How this works: 
I will knit one toy for you (choose from the pictures below)

Toenter (do all 3):
1.  Follow my blog
2.  Like this post
3.  Comment below for which toy you would like me to knit for you <Ballerina, Chef, or Nurse>

*OPTIONAL for WordPress bloggers only*:Reblog this post for an extra chance to win (i.e. Your name will be entered twice in the draw)

*OPTIONAL for e-mail followers only*: Share my blog through another form of social media and let me know you’ve done so by commenting below (I may not be able to verify because there may be privacy settings such as for Facebook; therefore, its an…

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